HarsheyPark in the Dark - 10/13/08

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Just some stray observations from my Lil venture to Hershey today:

--Parking $6 instead of $10: Pleasant (if small) surprise. Giant still had discount tickets (21 instead of 24 bucks)

--Parking lot mostly empty, light crowds for a sunny, clear (though chilly) day.

--They were promoting their mobile updates, which claimed (among other things) that Fahrenheit, Trailblazer and The Claw were closed....they were not.

--thrillfan you were right, they went with FEAR-enheit...i still think Scare-enheit was a good option. hehee

--Longest wait was "FEAR"-enheit at 30 mins, later in the day it was about 10 minutes. Great "Scare", SooperBOOperLooper, "Wicked" Racer were walk-ons all day. "Scaredy" Cat was the only one-train coaster.

--Everything was open, save the water rides, and fully staffed, if not the fastest ops.

--Very limited Halloween themeing: Some cornstalks on the lamp posts, scattered lit-up "Halloween-y" stuff (Witches, ghosts, pumpkins and the like). Cute display at gate though--oclda used more of that.

--I think the cold air gave the impression the coasters were running faster than normal...it was FREEZING!..My eyes were watering on everything. I loved my hoodie very much today!

Don't know what Fridays or Saturdays are like, but I was quite pleased with the crowds and ride options today. Only there for about 6 hours and went at a leisurely pace:

Great Bear x4
Farhenheit x2
Wildcat x2
Lightening Racer x3 (Thunder 1, Lightning 2)
SDL x1
Comet x1
Claw x1
$3.50 Pretzel
Skee-Ball and Air Hockey

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Sundays generally have the lightest crowds, and empty out sooner than other nights-- obviously because of school and work the next day.

I was definitely hoping for that, why i choose to go on Sunday, as opposed to Saturday. Though there were a larger number of families there until we left at 8:30pm than I woulda thought. But oh well, everyone seems to have a good time, parkwide...I didn't hear a whole lot of complaining from anyone all day...

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