Harrison Ford will host TV special to reveal new Star Wars theme park attractions

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Harrison Ford will be unveiling some of the plans for upcoming Star Wars attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in a TV special set to air Feb. 21.

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A lot of people were bellyaching about the changes to the river. From the artwork I've seen, the length doesn't look to be drastically reduced and the new theming for the train route along the river looks like it will be awesome....especially for a portion of the route that didn't have much going for it. I've heard an opening date of December 2018, which sounds quite aggressive to me considering how long similar additions have taken.

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But... but... Walt himself was personally involved in the layout of Rivers of America and it is, therefore, sacrosanct! :-)

Star Wars Land strikes me as a great addition for Disneyland.

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Are there people who are really that precious about "original" stuff at the park? Can you imagine DL looking the same as it did when it opened?

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There are. Though I suspect most of those folks aren't actually concerned about Walt's original vision; they're seeking to preserve the park as they first enjoyed it, if that makes sense.

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Lots of people think Disneyland looks like it did when Walt opened it...

I can't wait for Star Wars themed areas to open. At Disney parks. I can't imagine they won't be the best ever.

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Exactly! Opening day Disneyland would be pretty different from the Disneyland most of those objecting know.

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They could convert the Epcot ball into a Death Star for all I care. When I heard Lucas sold SW to Disney, my first thought was not about new films, it was about this becoming a reality.

Daddy will officially be more excited about this future trip to Disney than the children.

If they converted the Epcot ball into the Death Star, I definitely would pay to see it.

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