Hard Rock Park Question ?

Does anyone know if the lawsuit against the second incarnation of this park was settled against the first owners .They sued because the felt they were owed compensation for design of the original park.Even though it was bought out of bankruptcy .The second incarnation did not last long so my guess is this never got to court .

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I suppose it's one of those things where, what good will it do you? You can't squeeze water from a stone, so if they don't have any money, there probably isn't any real point.

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If FMP had been a rousing success and made tons of money, there might have been some sense in pursuing them on the "IP theft." Mon-Stars of Rock pretty much guaranteed there'd be no money left in the till at the end...LOL!

All joking aside, the economy took a header and gas prices meant the I-95 corridor went from a mix of families on vacation and commerical traffic to pretty much just businesses moving freight...Myrtle Beach was a ghost town.

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If Hard Rock Park got a giga coaster would they call it Lady Giga?

Only if they changed the name of the park to Mediocre Pop Park.

As far as the lawsuit goes: They would have better luck getting milk out of a raging bull.

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