Hard Rock Park announces ride makers for new park

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The Hard Rock Park announced Wednesday it has picked six companies to build the rides in the music-themed park but kept quiet on the rides' details. The manufacturers announced include Bolliger & Mabillard, Premier Rides, Chance Morgan, Vekoma, Huss and Sally Corporation.

Read more from The Sun News.

Is it just me or is that other well known Swiss manufacturer missing?
So according to the page...it sounds like B&M will be doing the coaster...my question is what will Vekoma and Chance Morgan do?
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...the other coaster? ;)
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Every other park in the country has a Vekoma kiddie coaster these days.
Moosh -

The $400 million park plans to open in spring 2008 and have 40 attractions in six zones, including a roller coaster, restaurants, stores and an amphitheater.

Does that sound like multiple roller coasters, or just one? Sounds singular to me. B&M, obviously is the supplier for the park's roller coaster as it is the only manufacturer listed in that article that solely supplies roller coasters and nothing else.

Vekoma, Chance-Morgan, HUSS, Sally Corp., and Premier are supplying the smaller ride attractions.

"Bolliger & Mabillard is joining with Hard Rock Park to introduce an attraction that takes the audio experience to the next level by truly choreographing the entire ride experience to an incredible hard rock classic," president Walter Bolliger said.

This is the quote that got my attention.

Sweet. I'm always happy to see B&M attractions going in new directions. Even if they're just slapping music onto a B&M coaster it sounds like it will be something special.


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Maybe it will be a launched coaster themed to "Eruption" :)

Maybe it will be a launched coaster themed to "Eruption"


There will be more than one coaster... Premier, just like B&M only offer coasters; correct me if i'm wrong.
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^^^Maybe it will be a launched coaster themed to "Eruption"

You mean from before Van Halen started to suck? ;)

Is there still a chance Hurricane could wind up at the park (the coaster, not the storm)?
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Chance-Morgan and Vekoma are working together on more than one project:

"This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be involved in something so ground-breaking, these guys have encouraged us to think outside of the box to produce great rides," said Mike Chance, President of Chance Morgan. "With that in mind, we are combining forces with our strategic partners at Vekoma to deliver a series of great rides that will entertain visitors to Myrtle Beach for years".

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Vekoma and Chance-Morgan.....maybe I should be HAPPY that it kinda sounds like the only COASTER will come from B&M? ;)
Hey hey hey!!! Van Halen does not suck as much as people think they do. Or at least I think they do. Here's my question...Eruption is only about a minute and a half long...who wants a coaster ride that lasts only that long?

How about "Hot for Teacher" or something like that? Or we could go with Motley Crue's "Kickstart My Heart?"

Or how about this...Metallica's "Fuel" on a launch coaster...you're sitting on the launch track, getting ready to go...and you hear "Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire..." and as soon as the first guitar chord hits and that awesome riff kicks into gear, the train launches out of the station and on it's way...how kick-ass would that be?!?!?!!!

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I was hoping for another Vekoma motorbike coaster. They're great rides and it'd work really well with the theme.


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BigJim, name me a (non-Screamin') launch coaster that lasts longer than 1:30...launch means you lose a LOT of "lift-hill time".
I have reason to believe that the coaster will be themed to Led Zeppelins 'Stairway to Heaven'.

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