Hard Rock Park (7/14/08)

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Weather: Hot and humind turning to rain showers

Crowds: Light

Employees: Friendly, excited, and for the ladies, revealing outfits (but I was not about to complain).

First of was Zepplin. The ride itself was very solid consisting of nice speed, mostly smooth layout, and of course the added effect of music. However, getting to the ride itself is the annoying part. You will never find a walk on due to the preshow which was really unnesessary. Most of the people could care less from observing the blank looks on all of their faces. Also seating is assigned, and if you ask to be assigned to the front, you will get a dirty look and have to wait for a few more minutes. Along with seat assignments, no one (including me) followed the numbers you are supposed use to find your seat. The ride itself was great, and worth a few obstacles to get onto.

Maximum RPM! was the biggest letdown. It was promoted as a pretty fast, intense ride where it was really a drop, a couple curves, and the ending. The karoake queue was cool considering that the attendant was wearing fishnets. Oh well, can't win them all.

Nights in White Satin was a great surprise. This was the best modern darkride I've been on. The tunnel to the station was fun too considering that the optical allusion made you feel so disoriented that you would stumble over nothing. My acid trip was cool because I could feel the affects without using the drug.

Slippery when wet was alright considering what kind of coaster it was. I liked it better than Roller Soaker at Hershey. I got wet but not soaked which was my kind of water ride.

Eagles: Life in the Fast Lane was the underrated coaster in my opinion. I know its not the tallest or fastest, but the ride was very enjoyable. The helixes were fun and the burst of fire at the end was a nice effect.

Oh, and I even rode Shake Rattle and Rollercoaster, but that was for credit in which there was not much to say about it.

If I were to offer any travel tips, here are the few. First, you must remember that this is a theme park, not Cedar Point. There is a lot more than just coasters. In fact I spent eight hours easily in the park in which I could have gone longer. Second, bring your own food and have it in your car in a cooler. $8 for a hotdog? I don't think so. Lastly, don't just run through the rides and be done. Slow down and look around. There are a lot of neat things to look at, and great shows to see, and this is coming from a person that tends to marathon on rides and coasters as well as bypassing shows.

Overall, the park was a lot better than expected. Would I pay another $50 to go again? No way! Never unless there was another signature attraction added. Out of all the fun I had, the price to get in will always haunt me, but I won't regret paying once in order to experience this one of a kind park.

In a theme park dedicated to the rebellious spirit of rock n' roll, it's somehow fitting that people were ignoring their seat assignments.

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We asked for front row on LZ, Max RPM, And Nights in White Satin and were accomodated with a smile every time.
Wow, it costs more to get into Hard Rock than CP. Overpiced much??
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The thing with Hard Rock Park is it's a ROCK and ROLL park. If you are not into rock and roll then you may or may not be as into it as I was last weekend. Hmm, I really need to put up my TR. :)

Personally I LOVED it and had the time of my life when I visited, but I am a rocker chick so that had a lot to do with it. There is nothing like having Led Zepplin, Wang Chung, and the Eagles blasting in your face while riding the coasters. ;) There is NOTHING like hearing rock and roll from all decades blasting all over the park. :)

If someone wishes to credit ho' or is expecting a Cedar Point or Disney World then the park is probably not for you. It's pure rock and roll, baby! You will either be totally consumed like I was or get bored. I know I would get bored easily in say a....sports-related theme park. I would probably credit ho' and leave. You get my drift. :)

There is REALLY a lot to see there, though. I thought it was WELL worth the $50 ($48.50 actually) and I would do it again. It has personality and is a nice "break" from your typical carbon copy chain parks. I was so happy that I stopped by customer relations to fill out a comment card, which I NEVER do. :)


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coasterqueenTRN said:If someone wishes to credit ho' or is expecting a Cedar Point or Disney World then the park is probably not for you. It's pure rock and roll, baby! You will either be totally consumed like I was or get bored. I know I would get bored easily in say a....sports-related theme park. I would probably credit ho' and leave.

That's a little long for a marketing slogan, but from what I've heard, that pretty much sums up why HRP isn't really an enthusiasts' kind of park.

Gotta admit, that sports-park you were referring to...would suit me just FINE... :)

Riding roller coasters IS a sport. :)

I'll be interested to see if they keep up with the heavy theming AND add more "extreme" coasters. They should do a KK or Top Thrill Dragster type coaster and play "Fuel" by Metallica for the launch. LOL

Sounds like an interesting park. Too far away for me at this time, but I hope to get to it some day.

Great TR.

Oh, 8 bucks for a hot dog!!! People think Six Flags is bad. Wow. I'm in shock and awe. I thought I paid a lot for Nathan's at Hersheypark (4.00).

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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I got go against you on your "theme" theory. While you may have enjoyed the park more because you love Rock, you may have still enjoyed the park just the same if you were say, a country music fan.

I bring this up because I absolutely detest country music. I especially detest Dolly Parton music. I still had a freakin blast at her park, though. And it wasn't just the rides. I was digging a lot of the southern craft exhibits, the bird show, and even some of the singing shows. (I really liked the Fifties show by the gas station)

So, bottom line is that someone that isn't into rock might get something more than credit-ho-ing at the park.

Certain victory.

I don't care what the theme is, if it's got coasters/and or rides, I'm there. If the Church of Scientology built L. Ron Hubbard Land, I'd show up.

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^ But would they let you leave? ;)
As long as I get to keep riding, who cares? :)

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What do Six Flags and Cedar Fair charge for a hot dog? How big are the dogs involved at the parks? I would suggest that if everyone refuses to pay the ridiculous price at HRP then they might at least come down to the price level at some other major parks.

Maybe the reason they do this is because HRP is not family oriented. If it were, the aggregate costs to a family of the ultra-outrageously priced food would scare most of the families away. Many families accept the prices at the other parks as part of the cost of visiting the park. I doubt that any of these other parks charge $8, however.

By the way Nathan's isn't cheap even in non-park locations nowadays. To HPs credit, by serving Nathan's, they are at least providing a quality product.

Arthur Bahl

I'd say with all the smaller, junior level coasters that they have built, this park would still fall under the family aspect. Plus, it's not like the music they play on these rides and around the park are inappropriate songs that children definitely should NOT be hearing. I'm sure kids would have a perfectly good time here.

Hey, how was the unique loading system on the RPM coaster? Sounds like that was just a gimmick, just like I was thinking. Boring.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

Parker17 said:
Wow, it costs more to get into Hard Rock than CP. Overpiced much??

Well golly gee wiz, call the admission police if a park costs more then CP to get into.

Because everything revolves around CP.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Having visited HRP yesterday (TR coming soon), I totally get what Tina is saying and agree 100%.

You have to have some interest, appreciation, knowledge, love or all of the above of rock music (specifically in a historical sense) to probably really enjoy the park.

We spent 13 hours there and still didn't want to leave. However, around noon a woman struck up conversation with us while the kids were riding and she bitched about already being bored and what a ripoff the park was...2 hours into her day.

If you visit this park for the rides you'll probably leave disappointed...and rather quickly.

If you visit for the Hard Rock aspect of things you'll probably get a little more out of it than someone who goes for the rides.

If you like rides and enjoy the Hard Rock aspect of it, you'll find yourself raving about the park, spending 15 hours there and still being pissed about having to leave at 1am.

Bonus points if you actually are the Hard Rock type and enjoy the music played in the park and don't think twice about the outfits, tats, piercings, laid-back attitude and such...then you'll want to live there.

But yeah, I'd agree 100% with Tina. If you're just into rides and visiting as a park/coaster enthusiast - I can see how it would all be a big letdown.

^That explains the train that circles the park. ;)

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I would bet the $8 hotdog wasn't just a dog but a platter or something. We ate there and although I had some issues with the service, the food was good and the price pretty normal for a theme park.
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I knew you would "understand" what I was talking about. I am getting ready to put up my TR as well. ;)


I LOVE Dollywood! It's one of my favorite parks! I am nowhere near a country music fan but I think Dollywood isn't really geared towards country music the way that HRP is geared towards rock and roll. :) HRP is HEAVILY about rock and roll, where Dollywood is pretty much a cool family park located in the Smokies. :) Dollywood isn't all about the music the way HRP is.


I know you would LOVE a sports-related theme park. ;) I REALLY think you will enjoy HRP, though, especially the Moody Blues thing. ;) It's SO you!


What kind of loading system is on Max RPM? Isn't it some kind of Ferris wheel-style thing?

John Moore

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^Yes, and I didn't even know about that until I saw the ride. I was like "what the......??"

It's a neat coaster. I enjoyed it!


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