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Sunday, June 24, 2001 7:28 PM
Cedar Point

Well this was a kind of last minute deal. I was ready Tuesday night to go to Alive Festival all day Wednesday to catch relient K, Ace Troubleshooter, Dogwood, and other bands of the Christian faith, but my friend Mikey Timberfath called me up and told me to go w/ him to The Point on Thursday. The only problem was I would have to go to his church on Wednesday night. Well, I would pass ANYTHING up for a day at Cedar Point, even a day at ALIVE. Cedar Point twice in 8 days. KILLER.

We departed and later arrived at 9:15. We made a mad dash for The Force. Haha, we waited 10 minutes. The Infamous Chris took Mikey on his first ride on The Force while I sat infront of them. Mikey thought the ride kicked any other ride's butt. He could not believe how incredibly sweet it was (like just about everyone else who has also ridden it-except for a select few on this board).

Then it was off to Gemini. We were going to have a handsmackin' good time but blue side wasn't working. We took a red and had an awesome time non-the-less.

We proceeded over to Magnum where we hit her THRICE in a row. We had a walk-on every time. WOW ladies and gents, the third row of every car KICKS YE BLOODY ARSE! Back seat is still the best seat on this pup. Magnum is in denial cause its orange when it should be RED.

I kinda forget what happened the rest of the day.

We rode:

Mantis 1 time @ 20 minute wait
Disaster Transport 1 time @ 10 minute wait
Dragon (A REAL GEM OF A RIDE) 1 time @ 5 minute wait
Magnum THRICE @ walk-on
Gemini TWICE @ walk-on
Mean Streak 1 time @ 5 minute wait
CCMR 1 time @ 5 minute wait - Natalie wasn't there :(


Millennium Force SIKES(6) times @ 10-45 minute waits

We always ride The Force atleast THRICE every visit, but after the THRICE ride we couldn't get enough. After the FOURCE ride we couldn't get enough. After the FIETHCE ride we couldn't get enough. The only thing that stopped us was that we left at SEVEN O'CLOCK. We accomplished all this mass of rides in 9 hours. The rains may have made everyone flee I guess.

Mikey, a very non enthusiast, noticed how well "organized" the ride is. He used organized to describe the awesome capacity. He doesn't know anything enthusiastic about coasters, except for hills, loops, and stations. "That ride is very organized, we never stopped moving in line and we got in and got out very fast. Very impressive," he said. (I won't repeat how he compared The Point to SFGL, because I wouldn't want fools to jump on me and claim I have started a so called "flame war" for "bashing a park"). We thought the kid was more in love w/ the ride than we were. He is the kind of teen (17 years of age) that would get his two or so rides in, say "SWEEEET" then go on his merry way not thinking much else. After each ride, "LETS GO FOR THRICE" Chris and I would say this and he would jump for joy and agree. The best time, like always at: America's Roller Coast, America's Rockin' Roller Coaster, Sunny Cedar Point, America's #1 Park, America's #1 Park featuring The #1 Rated Steel Coaster in the World Magnum (did I forget any?): CEDAR POINT HOLD ON!


Ok, I know this is off topic but I would love to give a mini-TR of our NSYNC experience. We won "backstage passes" and tickets for NSYNC for winning a dancing contest by Channel 3 WKYC in Cleveland (You may have saw us on the final Friday early in the morn'). Our quartet of dancers/lady killers: Chris Lakez (J.C.), The Infamous Chris NickelBass (LANCE), our leader-the aforementioned Mikey TimberFath (JUSTIN), and myself Mike KirkParisi (CHRIS) (unfortunately, we don't have a Fat Joey yet). Yes, me, Mr. Punk-Rawker does infact know NSYNC dances-many of them. You know, I do it all for the ladies.

Anway... we go to the Sound Check Party and the boys of Nsync come out and spray us w/ silly string. They were like ten feet away. The all were cool except for Justin cause he is stuck up. A few observations:

Fat Joey looks fat on tv, but looks VERY FAT in real life (he came out w/ a Wonka shirt on)

Lance has a HUGE head (shape wise, not ego wise)

Chris is VERY short but he is the coolest personality wise

Lance is the best singer

JC is the best dancer

Justin looks just like our friend from school in real life

Justin layed on the back of the stage while the others came out close to us.

It was pretty cool and they performed a few songs for us. Sound Check Party lasted about 45 minutes. They gave us all Chips Ahoy. We estimated that 1 out of 3 people there overall (old ladies, little girls, moms and dads, etc.) were girls are age that were VERY atractive. Which of course is good for us, seeing we were some of the only guys there other than boyfriends that took their girlfriends or fathers. So after Sound Check we head off to lunch at the Galleria when 8 (count 'em baby) very attractive card-carrying-members of the opposite sex introduce themselves to the four of us on the street corner. They sang "IT'S GONNA BE ME" as we danced right on the street corner. A crowd gathered but we had to bid farewell to our ladies as we went to lunch......

We started walking back to the stadium at 5 and the traffic was PACKED! We danced along the sides of cars on the street in traffic to cheer them up. We know almost every dance to every Nsync song. We got back to the stadium and waited as the opening groups sucked up the stage.

Nsync finally came out and they were sweet. The special effects were AMAZING. Maybe because I am Mr. Punk-Rocker, the DIY maniac who attends shows w/ lights and fog. The whole stage was an arcitectural wonder. Whoever came up w/ it is a genius. Well I won't go too much into the show.

As we were leaving, we met w/ some ladies from school. On the way out, we spent a good 45 minutes dancing for people. Folks recognized us from TV which was VERY cool. We even signed autographs, but the thing that got me the most, was girls came up and put $$$ in our pockets. I made $6 and the other 3 made some moolah too. One lady got such a kick out of it. Her son, who was atleast 4 years old, was dressed up like Fat Joey. Which is very ironic cause we don't have a Fat Joey in our group. We let him dance w/ us and it was funny. We got soooooo many ###s and soooooo many pictures w/ girls who wanted us. We took about 15 pictures. The best dance was right by the gate when we were ready to walk out......

We hear a guy at a cell phone booth playing Nsync from his boom box. When we dance for people, we usually have them sing so we don't get thrown off. Since this guy had the actual cd, it was really sweet. We nicely asked him if we could turn it to a song and he didn't care. We selected IT'S GONNA BE ME, the one we do best. We blarred the music and began dancing as a HUGE crowd gathered. It was awesome. About 75 people gathered around us and cheered. Almost finished w/ the song, I saw 4 sercurity bust through the massive crowd. The crowd started to erupt, booing and yelling at the cops. I guess we were starting a hazard or something. I ran around the circle giving high fives to the crowd as a cop pushed Chris N. and Chris L. We ran out fast before we got arrested or something.

As we were leaving, people kept giving us money and money. Outside the gate, all these girls wanted pictures w/ us like before. This time, we took a whole lot more pictures. Close to 40. Old ladies would come up and say, "My daughters are too shy to ask...will you get in a pictue with them?" We were there almost an hour after the show taking pictures w/ some attractive girls. It was a good night. The only dampers involded Cleveland authorities. The aformentioned involvement and a "impeeding (sp?) traffic" violation against Chris Lake which was dumb. I always thought Nsync was dumb and just cared about the ladies that liked Nsync. Well, I learned that Nsync is cool and the ladies that like Nsync are very cool.

"Why do you people care so much about reaction?"
John Rocker, best player for The Indians
Sunday, June 24, 2001 8:05 PM
Well, it was definately the best 2 back-to-back experiences of my life. Mike hit up most of all that was hit up at CP, besides once again the great food. This time I actually bought two milkshakes/malts. The first one was a chocolate one at the coasters drive-in, and the other, a vanilla from Toot Sweets (a new favorite of ours). I recommend getting the vanilla if ever in need of a delicious "cold one". Two great drinks, $3.75 each. Another exciting event was when Mikey Timberfath and I went into the music video recording studio for free to dance to "It's Gonna Be Me" (Note: this is NOT the only song we know, just the one people know most). The lady working there was very impressed, and very pleased because we attracted a crowd of about 30 and brought them a good 5 new costumers. It was another great new experience at the park, wish I could be there every day.


As for day two, enough couldn't be said about it. I know all you guys might think it's weird for us to like *Nsync so much, but they really are sweet. I mean you have to give the guys credit for what all they have accomplished... their picture is everywhere, many awards, top hits, they can sing and dance at the same time, and they know how to put a show on. The "aftershow" was unbelieveable, and a moment I won't forget, it was also funny. You see I do have a girlfriend (only one of us 4) so I didn't get to have the "fun with the ladies" that Mike Kirkparisi got to have. I can't complain though. Enough about my personal life, it was a great 2-days, and probably the best of my life. I hope you enjoy the TR as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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