Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Jeff, Happy Bithday to you, and many more!!! :)

Just a couple of G-Force junkies!

Happy Birthday!

Wait... if it was Jeff's birthday today then he probably not going to read this today.

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Happy birthday to the Master of Coasterbuzz!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Happy Birthday Jeff. Here's to many more happy and healthy years of 'coastering'.

Weight lost to ride more coasters......90lbs
Have a great one Jeff!
Happy Birthday Jeff!!


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Have a good one, Jeff!


Once you get to his age, they are not "Happy" anymore.


^ I second that!

SOB's biggest fanboy!
Happy Birthday...

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Have a good one, Jeff.
Oh come on, I'm older than Jeff by a few years, and I don't think there's anything so horrible about turning older. In all seriousness, it's how you feel inside, not about an age. Besides, most people think I'm at least ten years younger or less, so I don't care:) I think it's when people keep reinforcing the idea that you've gotten a year older that it can make you unhappy (hint, hint).
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^ So then we should NOT acknowledge Jeff's birthday so maybe he'll FORGET it's his birthday? ;)

I'd only *worry* about getting older if I was stuck at home in front of a computer on my birthday... :)

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From what I understand, Jeff is in Vegas for his B-Day.

There are certainly worse ways to celebrate. :)

You know you're old when you can't handle riding coasters anymore. ;-)
Hope you had a great time and a wonderful Birthday in Vegas Jeff! *** Edited 7/3/2006 12:38:14 PM UTC by coasterlover325***

I'd rather be riding Roller Coasters....or baking.

I didn't say you shouldn't acknowledge his birthday. I'm just saying the more people keep telling you "Happy Birthday!," the more it sinks in that you're getting old:)
Happy birthday young one ;)

One way of life is to just on a roller coaster.
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MrScott said:
Once you get to his age, they are not "Happy" anymore.
Speak for yourself. I'm only 33 and not that pathetic, bored of jaded with my life.

Yes, I'm in Vegas. Saw Blue Man Group with a sold out show last night. Finally got some drinks comped today. Actually joined a "reward" club. Spent $50 on gambling so far, which for me is a lot (probably will drop another hundred). Seeing Phantom tonight. Saw people scream in agony on Manhattan Express yesterday. Been through 11 casinos total. Caesars Palace upgraded room is the hellawhack shiznit in my brizzle (Blue Man Group fans know what I'm talking about).

I'm having a damn good time. Gotta go... my show is at 10.

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You're already late! ;)


LOL Bill :)

Happy belatedness Jeff


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