Happy birthday Jeff!

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It's the illustrious webmaster's birthday today - happy birthday Jeff!

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Bill, you're such a brown noser.

(happy birthday, Jeff)

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Happy birthday, Jeff. Have a pancake.

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Free Flashpasses for all CoasterBuzzers everywhere, to celebrate Webmaster Jeff's Birthday! Happy Birthday Jeff! May all of your Birthday wishes come true.

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Happy Birthday, Jeff! :)

Vater said:
Happy birthday, Jeff. Have a pancake.

Waffles are much better, and less creepy. ;)

Happy birthday, Jeff!

Original BlueStreak64

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We all know that he is celebrating his birthday with Single Rider Bob! J/K of course! ;)

Happy Birthday Jeff!

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Happy Birthday, oh great Webmaster!

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Happy Birthday Sir!!! Have a good one.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

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Thanks, y'all. Scary thing that this makes me think about is that the first birthday I had after launching CB, I was turning 27. Yikes.

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^It's ok, age is a trade off, we become more wise, or something like that. Happy birthday, Jeff!

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Happy belated ol' man!

nah. He's been an old man for a while now :)

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