Ham on Rye opens at Magic Mountain

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Six Flags Magic Mountain's Ham on Rye has opened to the public. The ride is dubbed "Virtual Quest" and costs $5 to ride.

Meanwhile, construction on a new bungee attraction has begun. There are boxes on site containing miscellanious parts for the ride, including a trampoline.

Link: America Coasters Network

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The same two rides opened up at Marine World. It is unbelievably funny to watch people on the "Virtual Quest"! For those who don't know, the ride requires vocal participation from the riders, yelling out things that can best be described as embarrasing. I'll save my $5 bucks for the go-carts(thank you very much). ;)

In other news, a source has told me that the park has already begun preparing for a 2003 ride. Can anyone confirm this? I've been out of town and haven't been to SFMM in a month.

Have you ever considered that maybe it's not the park that's the problem, but YOU?

As far as VR stuff goes, Ham on Rye is one of the better ones. You won't feel totally ripped off, at least.
SFGAdv had Castle Escape in 2000 during Septemeber and October. I did it twice. It was actually pretty fun. I believe tha it is one of the Ham On rye productions. It uses the same theater setup and participation techniques. I think SFGAdv is bringing it back this year, too.

-Kyle Brylczyk

Sounds like that bungee thing is just like the thing I did at the Kansas State Fair. You're hooked up in a harness with bungees on both sides, you jump (which you can actually jump higher than usual because of the bungee thing) and you flip backwards or forwards. The bungee cords not only help to get higher but make sure you don't break your neck. It was okay and kind of nice to get somewhat of a workout after just walking around everywhere.



At least I dont call a vertical loop a "loopdie-loop"!

for an XTreme park, I'm suprised that Magic Mountain got such a low tech attraction. Does anyone know whats going on with De Ja Vu?...Is it open or are they doing work on it?...
Delay-Jà-Valley became un-valleyed yesterday. I wonder if it was open today...


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