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Just curious if anyone has gone to Hershey for their Halloween festivities. Mostly curious if its worth the effort (not that its terribly far away for me) what sorta rides are open (the web page makes it sound like just about everything is) and how heavy crowds are, etc...

Also just curious about the whole feel of it, found one trip report from last year that seemed positive, just wanted to get more input..if anyone's got some :)


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This will be my first year visiting during October, so I haven't seen it myself, but my local friends tell me it's very family friendly decorations and nothing to get excited about like Kennywood or even the big themeparks, but all of the non-water rides should be available.

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A few years back they had some haunted attractions, and the locals here complained that it wasn't family friendly. Just like Acoustic Viscosity said it's very family friendly. They do have most of the major rides open for it. Seems like everything is running except for Fahrenheit. Wonder why that is. You should have a good time. If you get the chance to go on Friday night I'd suggest that. All the rides are usually walk ons then.

As others mentioned, the Halloween stuff is in decoration only, no haunted attractions.

From what I hear crowds really picked up last year. I went on closing day 2005 and had almost all walk ons, in 2006 on a Saturday night my longest waits were 15 - 20 minutes. I guess the low admission and almost all rides open (basically everything but water rides) brings in the crowds.

Sundays will likely be less crowded than Saturdays. Don't know about Fridays. Crowds in general will be dependent on how cold or warm it is. Some of the more family-friendly rides (like the Skyview, Train, Monorail) can get ridiculously long lines.

If you like haunted attractions, there are a bunch of them throughout southcentral PA-- just not at Hersheypark.

Thanks for all the info!

Mostly I just wanted to get a couple more coasters in before the long, long PA winter.

Family friendly might be ok, since i think my mom wants to make her first visit to Hershey since like the early 70's or something like that.

I noticed Fahrenheit wasn't on the list of rides. Odd considering the track is painted like a crazy day-glo pumpkin and the obvious play on word to call it "Scare-enheit" i mean, it basically writes itself!!

Odd considering the track is painted like a crazy day-glo pumpkin and the obvious play on word to call it "Scare-enheit" i mean, it basically writes itself!!

I'd suggest "Fear-enheit" myself.

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The list of rides haven't been updated yet. It still lists Rodeo, but not Howler.

As far as the operating status of Fahrenheit, it seems like a 50/50 chance right now. A lot of people over at TPR have had a lot of emails saying that it will or won't operate. I believe it will open since Fahrenheit was listed on the event description on the park's site and that it seems less complicated to operate than Storm Runner.

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