Halloween Night @ Haunted Conneaut 10/31/08

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I arrived about 4:30pm, and roamed the park and took several photos. Isaw several factions of folks getting ready, including the HotelConneaut and Beachclub. They both had haunted gigs going on to the weehours.

I thought it was quite placid to see people fishing on the grass pier,and a few folks just strolling the lake area. I left and haddinner at th Stable Pit and Pub, king sized prime rib. Last time I wasthere, some bartender dressed like a sea captain was singing along ashe worked on karaoke. Good meal, 8/10.

Arrived back to CLP at 6:45 pm, and was greeted with a line at the maingate. They let everyone in about 7:10, and the running of the bullscommenced.The first line up was next to the Blue Streak and Carouselfor Clown Town. This would have been better with fog and in the totaldarkness, but it neverless entertained. 2 boys, about 10, totally wentbalisitic and cried quite loud, and that ended their night. The liveaction chain saws sparking the midway was good effects. 8/10.

We were then led to Freddie's House, and unused employee dorm. Everyonewas dressed as Freddie or Jason. The rooms were tight, and the floorscreaked. 8/10, Another 10 year old or so went screaming out of thehouse after the second room. 3 down for the night.

Then we walked to Butchers Basement. It was short, but gory. The potbanging was loud. 7/10. Then upstairs to the Haunted Hotel. Actuallysome guests in another wing didn't follow directions, and were equallyscared. Plenty of live actors here. 8/10. We exited through theCemetary, and some kid kept chasing us with a lawn mower on theboardwalk. 6.5/10.

Then back up the midway, and into the arcade, dubbed Maze of Madness,adjacent to the old Ultimate Trip building with the collapsed roof. Ijoked 'Is this building safe?'. A few laughs. Its was a long walk, thathad sand floors for some sections, and contunued through the gamesbuilding and storage. 7/10. We then entered the maintenence entrance ofDevils Den. You basically walk the the ride layout, with plywood downto protect the running rail. A good idea, but cramped. The airhorn wasa good gag. 7/10.

Finally, we entered the Fog, a 10ft tall chainlink fence maze createdin the Bumper Cars. This was quite disorienting, with smoke, strobes,and plenty of scare factors by the roaming workers. I saw severalpeople walking on all directions trying to get out. I was pretty amazedby the length of the walk through. 9/10.

Overall, for $15, you got 8 attractions, and plenty of ghouls in allthe right hiding spots. The fact that CLP hasn't had much TLC in thelast 2 years, with burned out lights, and busted buildings added to the'enchantment'. I think next year they will beef it up with more fog,and better stunts.

They had several food trailers with a good selection of food itemsincluding pizza, funnel cakes, apples, etc. Also, they had the BeachClub and the Park Fries open, which had some big crowds. I wish themnothing but luck. Overall, 9/10. Oh yea, free parking too.

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