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Sunday, November 4, 2001 8:01 AM
We left for Universal at 4pm expecting to exchange our vouchers for tickets and then go to dinner. We got to Universal at 5 and I told the parking attendant what I was doing and she let me park for free(Parking is not free until 6). We walked to the ticket window, and the person informed us that we could use our vouchers at the turnstile, so we went to Olive Garden and got some dinner. After that it was finally time to enter the park. We walked in and saw Hanna Barberra had no line. I hadn't done this ride in a while, but still a pretty fun ride. Next we went and hit Twister. There were two haunted houses behind twister so we went back that way. The two haunted houses were Pitch Black and Scary Tales. We started off with Scary tales which was a carnical attraction gone wrong. It was pretty good, except for the fact my roommate would stop when anything jumped out at her and wouldn't move after that. Next we did Pitch Black which was my favorite. It was a very dark haunted house with different types of floor, and there were loud noises but it was so dark you couldn't see. All of us walked into a couple of walls in this one. After that we walked down to Beetlejuice to get seats. I saw one of the scareactors with a chainsaw look straight at us and walk behind the phone booth. I told my friends there is a chainsaw guy that is going to scare us. It still scared both of them. We went and watched Beetlejuice, which was a great show, then back to the haunted houses. Next was Superstitions, which was about urban legends. It wasn't too bad, not the top of my list though. After that we did RUN which was chainlink fences and you had to make your way through them. I think every guy in there saw three girls together and decided we were a target. There was one point where one guy jumped out at me and then a second later another one did and I jumped back into the other one. Down to our last haunted house for the night, The Mummy Returns. All in all I thought they could have done so much more with this, there weren't too many people scaring you and it just looked old. Next on to Jaws to go say hi to a friend. We got on his boat and he did an awesome job. Then we went into the building by Kong and there was a foam party. It was pretty neat but we didn't stay cuz we all had jeans on and didn't want to get soaked. After checking that out we went to Back to the Future. It shook us around a lot more than I remember but all in all still a great ride. Then over to Men In Black. When we got there we were informed it was having technical problems and would probably be closed for the evening. So we ended our evening in T2, which is one of the best 3-d shows in my opinion. It was a pretty good night we didn't wait for anything more than half an hour, and the rides were all walk ons.

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