Halloween Horror Nights

Hello everyone,

I've been keeping up on new information for this years HHN and some friends and I have decided to give it a try this year. This will be my first time and hopefully not my last. I have a few questions about HHN though...

1) For those who've been to HHN in the past can you give me a brief review about your time there? I've heard some good things about it but a common complaint is how crowded the park and haunted houses were.

2) Without buying a speed pass, how many days do I need to stay? I'm on a tight budget and I will rush if I have to! lol I think the most should be 2 days.

3) Would it be better to stay on the resort or off the property? I went to Orlando last week to visit Universal and Disney, great trip btw, and I didn't stay in the resort and was fine. Since I haven't been to HHN before I didn't know if it would be better to stay in the resort.

If you have any other hints, tips, or secrets that would be great! Thank you!

I worked there one year and I was lucky enough to get off work early enough a few nights to be able to visit the park for a while...

I noticed that earlier in the month, the crowds are very tolerable. After the first or second week, it gets packed.

They do design their haunts to eat people though. It is very difficult to design a high capacity haunt that doesn't remove some of the scare factor, but from my experience there, they figured it out.

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If I get to HHN again (huge IF, I find the BGA event infinitely more tolerable crowd-wise) - I'll go early, and midweek. Besides, BGA has a wooden coaster - night rides... ;)

Universal does do fantastic work, and they do what they can for capacity...but I really get next-to-nothing from a haunted house when guests are sent through in "waves"...

Wish I could be more helpful re: HHN, but I haven't been in 4-5 years...

I have been there twice and can't wait to go back again. Crowds are pretty bad, but if you plan it out right and get the Frequent Fear pass online and go on the week there is a Wednesday night and the Thursday night, you should be able to cover everything in those two nights.

I believe I was able to do everything on the Sunday night, and I think they really outdo everything else I've tried. The theming and work are amazing, but you end up in a "conga line" so you don't get the intimate scares smaller places can give, but it's fun to see people ahead of you or behind you get caught in the scares anyway.

I stayed on site because I was going to the parks during the day anyway, and doing the open to close (using the stay and scream option) takes a lot out of you and I crawled back to the room that night. Since I was going during the day, the hotel key is an express pass and is worth it if you have 3-4 people going in during the day.

If you are going to the main park, the stay and scream is an important part of maximizing your time. You lose out on the entry show, but you get to go into the houses as they are ready. I went with my brother to the 13th one, and of hte 6 houses that year, we were coming out of the 3rd house when the crowds were swarming in, and it made it much more tolerable to go through the rest of hte mlines and to enjoy the shows.

Thanks everyone!

I plan on going during my Fall Break in college, which is usually the first or second week of October. Usually most colleges have their Fall Breaks at the same time too... so I hope that doesn't effect me in the park. It sounds like I'm going to have to get used to the crowd, seeing there's no way around it lol.

While we do want to stay on the resort site, we don't plan on going during the day. We want to see what's going on in Downtown Orlando and anything else we can get into.

On the price I'm a little confused. From the website, I get the impression we have to pay for a ticket into the park... including and additional one for the HHN... tell me I'm not right! lol

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^If you want to go during the day and again at night, you'll need two distinct admissions, one for USF/IoA, and another one for HHN. Season passes, etc., do not cover HHN - although they DO get some discounts on HHN admission.
Ohh ok. So we're just paying one price at night.

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