HALLOWEEN HAUNT: Canada's Wonderland - 10/20/07.

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Weather: Literally just perfect couldnt be any better. 14°C or about 57°F for the American readers.

Crowds: EXTREMELY HEAVY, Busier atleast it seemed then in JUL/AUG.

Well, me and my 2 little brothers decided to go to "Fearfest" at Wonderland today.. I just got back about 20 minutes ago (It's now 4:20 A.M.). We left at around 5:45 pm to try and make 7pm opening but that didn't happen.. major traffic jams mostly just due to heavy southern Ontario traffic. It wasn't so much the traffic coming to the park that ate our time but waiting 5 kms down the slow lane in a DEAD stop for the Rutherford Rd. off ramp (The street you have to turn off to get to the park). It was like this mostly because ALOT of people were coming to the park, and right at Canada's Wonderland Dr. & Rutherford Rd. someone going into the park got T-Boned hard by a Excursion. After we got right up to we see the line up to get into the park was brake lights galore the hole way down and would probably take us atleast another 30 mins to even get parked and then ontop of that have to wait for metal detectors etc. and it since was already 7:30 p,m I decided to say screw it were parking somewhere else and walking. Since traffic was so bad, I ended up saving myself parking money and alot of time waiting to just park by parking in a housing subdivision which have backyards literally looking into CW and is only a 5 minute walk( We passed and were already into the park before the car we would have been behind was even at the parking tolls:)).

We get up to the metal detectors only to find NO lines for them as everyone seems to be in the lines buying tickets (Thank god for Pre-paid discounts;)). Its now exactly 8:08 and I remeber this because one of the people at the front fountain who come and take your picture as you enter the park ran up to us and said "It's 8:08 and you've got a picture date HA HA HA HA.. oh im supposed to scare u not be funny" I found that pretty cool lol. Now For the rides im just going to list the rides/attractions me and my brothers did, in order, the wait time and maybe a little blurb about it because it really is too much for me at 4:30 in the morning to type a book with every little detail.

Massacre Manor
Wait Time: 3 Minutes.
Scare Scale: 6/10
For the 1st attraction of the day this one scared me pretty good a couple times. It was really empty so more of the "Scaractures" attention were on us. The only thing wrong about this was the heads and big fake bodys hanging on strings from the ceiling as anytime someone would go through they would come flying back and smoke people in the face.

Blood Shed
Wait Time: - Zero.
Scare Scale: 6/10
I liked the black lights especially because I was wearing a white sweater and jeans that had lots of white fade marks on 'em so I pretty much completely glowed and everyone else around me at the time didn't. Once again though there wasn't that many people who scare you and was basically just a pointless walk-thru.

Ghostly Pines Memorial Gardens
Wait Time: - Zero.
Scare Sale: 1/10.
Not even scary one bit. This is where the Paramount story is and instead of that it was just all tomb stones with lame sayings on them and a bunch of fog machines. There was not line up as just anyone could walk through it and IMO it shouldn't have even been listed on the map as a scary attraction lol.

Wait Time: 10 Minutes.
Fun ride. Really gave that butterfly feeling in my stomache as is was the first ride I've been on since August. Also had alot of fun laughing at how much this lady beside me and my brother was screaming almost as if she was being murdered throughout the hole cycle.

Slaughter Mill
Wait Time: 5 Minutes
Scare Scale: 9/10.
Easily the best haunted attraction of the night. The amount of time spent on theming this must have been pretty crazy. Also it is REALLY long and takes probably 20 Minutes to walk through. The were SO many scary dudes and pretty much everyone of them scared me or someone in my group. The guy with the chainsaw got me SO good I fell down lmfao. This one was also pretty cool because it was in the forest and in the drained out White Water Canyon course. What else I liked about this was after going through this 20 minute attraction you can either choose to Exit or continue on into the next one (Miner's Revenge), which we did with no wait as to get to this one you have to go through slaughter mill and basically they are just merged into one big long 45 min attraction.

Miner's Revenge
Wait Time: - Zero
Scare Scale: 8/10.
ANother 15 min walk-thru basically a continuation of Slaughter mill. You actually do go DOWN pretty deep and it literally felt like you were actually going down a mine shaft. Later on in there is a really neat part where the ceiling starts getting smaller and smaller and you have to duck really low then when you get out and stand up,BAM theres a chainsaw. Straight up, I got scared. One part of it though smelled so bad like death people were actually almost ready to throw up.. It was REALLY funny. There was still alot of scaractors in this one too and some of them were hidden so good.

After all this it was around 9:15 and as we exited we were greeted with pathways SO CROWDED with people it felt like walking through a concert in the mosh pit for the rest of the night up until about midnight.

Wild Beast
Wait Time: 10 Minutes.
Full Queue, just without the switchbacks open. Took 10 minutes to get the station then as we got there some couple in the FRONT of the line who was next to go on was calling for 2 people to jump ahead so we took this oprotunity and probably saved about 10 minutes of waiting for the next 8 trains and instead were on instantly. The first drop was AMAZING, and I don't know why, maybe the colder temps, but Wild Beast was running SMOOTHER then ever and I can never remember it being this fun.

Wait Time: 15-20 Mins.
Scare Scale: 6.5/10
This line up was long and boring. Also, line jumping was a BIG, BIG, BIG problem here and literally 500 people(Honest) cut ahead and there was just nothing you could do about it. Also the hole queue was themed to MTV rockin' scare which isn't even an attraction this year and makes no sense to me. Now, this one could have been scary if there wasnt a constant pushing stream of people going through. You would see all the people infront of you get scared well before you would so you would already know its coming and not be scared. However, the one guy in the Polka dot room who blended into the wall got me SOO good. This one was good but wasn't enjoyable as there was way too many people being sent through at a time then there should have been.

The Ozzburnes
Wait Time - 1 Minute
Scare Scale: 6/10
No wait time basically as once you come out of Request Dead, as is with many of the Haunted attractions the entrance for the other one is right at the exit and you only queue for the 1st one. Now this one was actually pretty good and got me to jump a few times however I did not see one thing Ozzburne themed thoughout the hole thing? Not even a look alike character of any of the Ozzburnes.

Clowns at Midnight
Wait Time: 35 Mins.
Scare Scale: 8.5/10
Other then the wait which was so long, this one was good. It was in the building the houses krachenwagen (Bumper cars) and is themed to clowns. I hate clowns so this one got me pretty good too. I went in with the opinion of thinking it would not be worth the wait as it looked small and I thought it would be cheesy and similar to the Request Dead experience (Crowd wise), but it wasn't. These clowns and scary people where everywhere and hid themselves so good and surprisingly it was actually ALOT longer then I ever would of imagined it to be. Some areas however were pretty lackluster on the costumed characters and you could tell people were SUPPOSED to be there but weren't but that didn't matter because I still had fun and yes, I did get scared too.

Haunted Thunder Run.
Wait TIme: 20 Mins.
It wasn't really haunted.. there was just alot of stobe lights and a couple of skeletons on the walls in the tunnel. The queue however wasn't that bad because the hole we got to watch a show going on in which some guy would swallow swords, hammer nails into his head, blow fireballs and do a hold bunch of other cool things. I also had a really interesting conversation in the queue with a couple from Missouri, saying how they had more fun hear then at Frighfest at SFStL. THey were also WOF pass holders and were comming back next year to ride Behemoth.

After riding Thunder RUn it was now roughly 11:45 PM and we only had 15 minutes left till the park closed at Midnight. We decided to run quickly over to Vortex to hop in the line before security closed it off so we could end the night on a coaster and ride our last coaster of the year. On the walk there, I ran into some of my friends. They only went on 2 other attractions and were asking me which was the best so I told them the truth: Slaughter Mill/Miner's Revenge. They asked me to come but I said no and just as I was just about to head off my way into the line for Vortex, I didn't think Cedar Fair could do it but they made my day: DUE TO HEAVY CROWDS, CANADA'S WONDERLAND WILL REMAIN OPEN UNTIL 1:15 AM. That was the best annoucement of the night. After hearing that I decided to skip Vortex for now and actually go through Slaughter Mill again with my friends. It was good and since it wasn't as packed as the first time I was out of there in 15 minutes. Also, there was no Chainsaw the second time around which was a bummer. I decided not to go through the second part, Miner's Revenge since I already did It and there was only 45 mins left of park time so I parted ways with my friends. They continued on and me and my brothers headed over to Vortex.

Wait Time: 15 minutes.
When we were originally going to go on the queue was full but when we came back it was just to the bottom of the stairs and only through about 2 gates at the bottom. Since we figured this might be our last coaster of the season we decided to wait an extra 3 cycle wait for the front seat which, IMO is worth it. The ride was good, the drop gave me butterflies, the course was complete darkness and my god, I love the way you swing into the brakes so hard. One thing though, the ride op was actually saying "ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR DAY HERE AT: PARAMOUNT CANADA'S WONDERLAND" over the PA system. It wasn't a recording either. Everytime he said it it was a little bit different. Kind of weird to still be saying Paramount when pretty much all the Paramount references are gone,however that still put a smile on my face knowing that was the last time I would probably ever here that annoucement.

Wait Time: 2 Minutes
Scare Scale: 6.5/10
A decent walk through maze. Two of the guys hanging down on the crosses scared the crap right out of me. I thought they were fake because I didnt see them scare about 20 people ahead of me so I walked by thinking nothing of it and then RAAWWWR they jump at me and got me to scream like a little school girl haha. It was kind of on the shorter side and you HAD to walk through it if you wanted over on the side of the park by Skyrider.

By now it is about 12:50 and we didnt even think about food or drinks all night as we were having so much fun so we decided to stop and buy a expensive drink and candy apple each because we agreed to hit up a fast food joint on the way home instead of waiting 30 mins in a line for expensive park food. It was now about 1:05 and all the lines were being closed off by park employees. We figured we might as well just call it a night but surprisingly as we were walking towards the front gate, we noticed Top Gun was still allowing people to line up so we figured what the hell one last coaster, and ended our night with a bang - literally.

Wait Time: 40 MINS.
What can I say.. Being on The 2nd last train of the night was pretty cool. The wait was long, but fun since a couple of werewolf creatures where walking around the line. It reminded me of the way the entertainers in RCT2 would walk up and down the queues. That was pretty neat to see in real life. I was laughing at how scared my little brother was and since we were in the front seat and my body was tired and already in pain from walking all night I barely noticed I was on an SLC. In all seriousness the drive on the highway home was more bumpy then T2, Top Gun, and Serial Thriller/Mind Eraser combined LOL.

BY now It was 1:45. We walked straight to the front gate, grabbed a couple park maps for souveniers, took one last look at the "Paramount Canada's Wodnerland" sign at the entrance, knowing it would be the last time we ever get to see it. Walked to where we parked and Didnt get on the highway and out of Vaughan until 2:15. Drive home was good for about 20 mins then after being stuck in traffic due to a 3 car collision and a stop at McDonald's and a bunch of construction delays, what should have been a 40 min drive home on empty highways at 3am turned into being a 2 hour drive and I just got home at 4AM.

P.S - ABout 80% of the lift hill and the majority of the station and brake run for Behemoth is put up and it already towers over everything in the park.

Although I will miss Paramount and as much as I hate to say this for what you did to Geauga Lake: Thanks for the fun day Cedar Fair, YoU just earned yourself a Maxx Pass sale next year.


S:ROS = <3
See, don't let Geauga Lake get in the way of having fun at any Cedar Fair park. I think we all know Cedar Fair is a great company that is run very well, people just didn't want to admit that because of Geauga Lake.
Update.... went again this sunday and had just about as much fun as the first time except it wasnt as scary for me since I was prepared for it all, but my friend, got scared so much and that was literally the highlight of my night being able to laugh that much. The park was Really crowded again too, man I can't wait to see CW's attendance figures this year. Let alone next year with Beheomth oh my..

Wait Time: gunna be crazyyyyyy.
What can I say.. cant wait for this ride. see you in 2007.

Once again I had fun at CW this weekend... bought my Maxx pass and will be visiting CW, KI, CP, DP, & Possibly KD. I just wanna get all the Geauga Coasters I can get as I never visited the park and had planned on it for the last 2 years but never came around to it.

S:ROS = <3

Ѕіx Flαgѕ Đαrієή Ĺαkє said:
see you in 2007.

Better hurry...Only a few months left ;)

I am already planning a trip to CW for 2008. Gotta check out that new B&M.

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