Halloween Haunt 10/20/07

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So, my wife and I decided to go to KI with another couple thinking it would be more fun. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I like them and all, but, anything that had a line to it (which is virtually anything), they didn’t want to wait. We arrived around 11:30a and were in at noon. We went to Firehawk first and waited about ten minutes. A great coaster and I love its’ location better than where it was at Geauga Lake. My wife had never been on it or any flying coaster and she absolutely loved it.

Next, we walked over to Flight of Fear. We were in line when I reached into my pocket and noticed my cell phone was gone. Obviously, a victim of the cell phone eater known as Firehawk. I say cell phone eater because I remember when my brother and I rode it at GL, there were many other cells that had come to meet the same fate as mine had. I could have let it ruin my day, but, I filled out a report and went on with my day. FOF was awesome as always, except for the face that the MCBR was on and really ruined what was great pacing. Next, we went to check the line for the Vortex, which was out to the end of the gate. If I’m not mistaken, it’s only about a 20 min. wait from there. Well, my friends didn’t want to wait, so we went over to Shake, Rattle, & Roll. No wait. I haven’t been on this ride for years and I had truly forgotten just how fun it can be. It was given a thumbs up by all of us.

Next, we went over to the Beast. About a 10 minute wait. This ride, after all these years, still kicks my butt…in a good way. Just as thrilling as ever! Next, I wanted to make my way toward the front of the park to ride Son of Beast because after that, we planned on leaving to go check in to the Motel 6 about 10 minutes away. Much to my dismay, the other two wanted to just go ahead and leave without riding any more. So, since it was their car, there wasn’t much I could do. The Motel 6 was the most God awful hotel I have ever been in. I thought Travelodge near Cedar Point was bad, this took the cake. We went to our room (a smoking room) only to find no ash trays, burn marks on the floor of the bathroom not to mention the bathtub. Also, we reserved for four people and were given a bath towel, a hand towel and a bath mat. Are you serious? Four people are supposed to share one towel? I trekked over to the main desk to get more towels. The air conditioner cover was hanging about half way off, but at least it worked.

So, then we headed back to make it back in before our 7pm curfew. At that point, I decided it would be best if the four of us just split up for a while. My wife and the two of them had phones, so no problema. At that point, we went directly for Son of Beast. We waited for about an hour. It seemed they were doing a pretty good job of cycling people. My wife also had never been on SOB. She has been many times, but it has always been closed when she was there. Did I mention it was her first ride? And, that by the time we boarded, it was dark out. I teased her because I said, it’s your first time and in the dark? You won’t even know what’s coming. So, we boarded the back seat in the front car, front of the train. We drop out of the station and that got a little squeal out of her, which I thought was cute. We started up the hill and about ¾ the way up there, she was like, OMG, this coaster is huge! I said, yeah, but you’ve been on bigger like Dragster and Millennium Force. That was no consolation to her. She really got scared when we were off the chain and heading toward that first huge drop. Just a quick question. It’s been a couple of years since riding SOB, but, was the trim brake always there on the first drop? I don’t remember it being there, but that certainly doesn’t mean anything. So, she really liked SOB and I loved it. I couldn’t believe how much better of a ride it is with those new trains. I did miss the loop a tad, but the smoother ride was worth the trade-off. I always used to complain about the cars shuffling back and forth, but I only noticed any shuffling before the first drop and after the lift. The Rose Bowl and other helice was smooth as butter. I like the new track, but I would like to see a tunnel placed there.

After that, we went & rode Vortex. 15 minute wait and still an awesome coaster. Favorite seat = back seat. I just love the way you are whipped around in the back. Next, we went back up front to get in line for Club Blood. Wound up waiting for an hour and a half, but it was worth it. A couple of people scared me, but they mostly terrified my wife, much to my pleasure. I do have one spoiler, so don’t read this if you don’t want to know, but I thought it was brilliant. The rest of the TR is in the next paragraph. They had a guy in a corner connected to a bungee set up and he lunged out at you, which I thought was pretty original. He definitely caught me off guard.

We then hooked up with our friends, did a little shopping, then went to Motel Hell. I called KI the next day to check on my cell. I thought I should at least try before I drove three hours back home. They were very nice and informed me that if it was found, it would be shipped back to me, free of charge. Very nice. Well, my wife and I talked about our trip after we got home and decided we would never take another trip with those friends of ours. On a side note, I thought Halloween Haunt was twice as busy as Fearfest

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That's not a trim brake, that is a set of kicker tires to make sure the train makes it over the drop.
^I found that out over at KICentral. Just didn't ever remember the kicker tire. Seemed like it slowed us down.

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