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I need your help folks!

I have written an article about this, but it is outdated now with the new Halloween season upon us and as such I will be updating it soon.

What do you consider the best Halloween Events? What makes them the best? Is there anything you consider a turn off at a Halloween event?

This is an interesting topic, and I'm really curious to see what other people's responses will be. For me, it's all about their actors (being one myself). Good theaming, multiple haunt attractions, and good atmosphere are all great, but the quality of the actors is really the make or break.

For example, I went to HHN at Universal Orlando last year for the first time, widely regarded as one of the best in the country. While the extravagant detail that went into each of their houses was second to none, the underwhelming and predictably scripted actors were some of the worst I'd seen anywhere. Although in their case I don't blame it on the actors themselves. I blame it on the park insisting on scripting their every move in obvious and predictable ways, giving them no leeway to improvise or ad-lib anything in their performance.

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You have to suspend your common sense and just let yourself go. I was creeped out quite a few times at HHN last year.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando is the best i've been to hands down. Everything about the experience is exceptional. Going again this year. For reference I've been to Cedar Point, Kennywood, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Knoebels. If I were to rank the events I've been to it would go Universal, Cedar Point, Busch Gardens, Kennywood and Knoebels. PPP is awesome, but not the same sort of event as the others.

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Is there anything you consider a turn off at a Halloween event?

Crowds. I don't think I'll ever be back at Cedar Point on a Saturday in the fall.

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Saturdays are terrible, but Friday nights and Sundays are so awesome.

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The biggest turn off for me is the teenage girls who scream at everything.

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I love going in front of a group, but if I go through a haunt with people I do not know, I really dislike the touching. Strangers holding on to my shoulder or waist really make me uncomfortable, especially if they are teenage girls. Get you daddy to go through with you, Jeeze...

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