Halloween event brings record attendance to Silverwood

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Scarywood, the Halloween incarnation of Silverwood, has brought in crowds in numbers well beyond park officials’ expectations. It extended Silverwood’s season by a month, is expected to result in record annual attendance over 600,000.

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As I mentioned on the Silverwood fan page, I'm pleasantly surprised (shocked even) that they run Timber Terror backwards. It's quite an aggressive O-n-B layout (not that Rebel Yell, etc., aren't). But the real reason I'm so surprised is that I was under the impression, potentially mistaken, that PTC sent some sort of memo/mfr's notification that PTC trains were NOT intended to run backwards and that running PTCs backwards could/would invalidate the parks' waranties.

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I think you're right about running PTC trains backwards.

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I thought it had more to do with the restraints not being designed or able to do their job properly when running a train backwards and PTC wanted it to be clear they did not endorse such actions, or some such language.

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