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So here we are, back at Cedar Point for our 10th time. We had reservations at the Hotel Breakers, which is always nice because you get early admission. I could go on about how nice the hotel is and how nicely it is themed and all that jazz...but let's get to the main highlight of the trip, eh?

Main highlight:

Millennium Force-Now, everyone who reads this is probably expecting the same review the everyone types, right? Think again.

It was a rainy morning, and I was waiting outside the Famous Dave's park enterance, already signed in with my Valleyfair season pass. The national anthem plays, and the gates go up, and I'm already running to Millennium Force. I was in the front all by myself on the first train of the day! What a rush that was. The rain cutting into my face as I woosh down the 310 foot hill. I forgot how fast this ride feels in the front. I can seriously say I do not feel a difference in speed when I ride Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster. They both feel like they're about to rip of my face. The ride was over before I knew it.

But the excitement doesn't stop there...

I got in line for Millennium Force at about 11:55 at night right before the park closes. I waited in line for about 30 mintues and got on the front for the second to last ride of the day. I felt so special just right there. First ride of the day in the front, second to last day in the front. It stoped raining then too, which was nice. The ride was even more of a rush then too, because werewolf canyon was still going on, there was fog all over the place, including the track of Millennium Force, and you couldn't see where you were going, even though I knew what to expect because I've been on the ride about 20 times or so. The ride was over before I knew it again, and the ride operator in the station did the usuall "welcome back blue train, how was your ride?" and the whole train went ballistic. The lap bars normally get released there right, well, to my surprise, and the whole trains surprise, they didn't. The ride operator simply smiled and said "we need 29 more people to fill up the last train of the day, however gets through this gate (the gate that parent swap people use) first, gets to go on it! I was the sixth person to run madly through that gate. I got the back row with another single ride that was already waiting to go. The whole train was screaming already as we were sitting in the station, waiting to be going up into the sky. The ride operator says "Yellow train, your are cleared. Enjoy your 300 foot drop on the last ride of the day on Millennium Force!" The whole train had their hands up in the air throughout the whole entire ride. What a feeling these experiences are on Millennium Force. And more was still to come! We stopped on the catwalk, and the ride-op comes out with a big pump and hooks it up the the back of the car and then releases our lap bars, and we excited the ride through the catwalks! That was so awesome. This ride is my favorite steel coaster of all time.

Done with main highlight of trip

So I did the usual stuff, I went on Mantis which was actually quite fun. It was a walk-on along with most of the other rides in the park because of the weather. I went on the front twice, to find the ride was pretty smooth and fun up there. This ride kills my legs though.

Raptor was closed the first day because of the rain. However it was opened the second and third day we were there. I still love this ride. Better than Batman in my opinion. Batman feels like it is going to rip off my feet which makes me scream in pain, while Raptor just barely wants to rip off my feet. I feel my feet by pulled down, however it isn't as bad as Batman.

Blue Streak was fun. I forgot how much airtime you get on those bunny hills. pretty fun ride.

Magnum was fun, still rough though. It is so much more enjoyable when you sit where there is no wheels underneath you. You don't seem to notice that the wheels are square, like you do if you sit in the front or back of a car.

Top Thrill Dragster and maXair were down the whole trip. I knew TTD would be, however I was expecting some fun rides of maXair. :(

I didn't go on Corkscrew this trip...we don't get along very well.

Eh..Mean Streak was actually enjoyable the first time I went on it. I actually was having fun on the ride. There was actually a few momments of air on the ride too, and it didn't shatter my insides. The second time was horrible though. I felt like my ribs were being ripped out of my chest and my heart was shattering into little peices. Wow..that sounds emo..

Anyways, that pretty much does it. I went through carnevil, which wasn't all that scary. I still love going through this area though. I like how it's themed like a freak show type of thing, and it's funny to watch people get all freaked out by the clowns.

I wanted to go through werewold canyon oh-so-terribly bad. However, I still haven't ever been through it. The first time it was going about 2 years ago, I was too scared (I was 11 years old at the time..come on) and then now, I came back to find the line was going to be 2 hours. I would much rather wait for Millennium Force for a hour and a half, and that's what I did.

I went through Frightzone. I find this zone to be the most frightening throughout the whole Halloweekends thing. There is so much fog you can't even see, and then the dead bride or mom with the dead baby just pops up in front of you. I scream so loud in this thing it makes the people that scare me laugh. It's kind of pathetic. LOL.

I didn't do any of the haunted houses this trip. I did 'em last time and I thought they were kinda lame so I decided to skip them.

So that pretty much wraps up my trip. I still can't believe that i got the first train of the day in the front of Millennium Force and then the last train of the day in the back of Millennium Force, then going on the catwalks of the ride. I felt so special :)

I got my last couple of rides of Demon Drop. It's too bad there getting rid of that ride. I know it's old, but it's so fun! I like it more than Power Tower.

Thanks for reading my Trip Report. Sorry it seems so messy, I'm in a rush to play some old school RCT2. I'll re-read this trip report later on and make some edits of I notice any spelling mistakes or if I forgot to mention anything. *** Edited 10/24/2005 3:53:16 PM UTC by Dr. DOOM 1289***

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