Halloweekends at Cear Point Friday Sept. 14

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This was my first trip to Cedar Point for their Halloweekends. The weather was perfect, a little chilly with a good breeze, it really felt like fall/Halloween. We pulled into the parking lot around 7 PM and it looked REALLY dead, which eased my worries of it being relatively busy because of the boat show going on the whole week. We bought our tickets, I had a buy 1, get 1 starlight coupon which is a great deal. $12.50 per person for 6 hours in the park!?! Can't beat that! And the fact I love haunted houses almost as much as roller coasters it just makes it perfect.

I guess I should say I was with 2 newbies to the park and also a frequent visitor, none of them enthusiasts. First we headed off to Lair of the Vampire seeing as it's the first thing you come to walking in the park. There was NO line, we walked straight up to the person letting people in (who read the script of what to say off a piece of paper, but who can complain, it's the first night). The house was ok, fairly dark and pretty well hidden actors, but there was no scenery or props. It was around 5 minutes long.

Next was Raptor. I expected at least a 15 minuet wait but it was only 1-2 train wait. Sat towards the middle and was great as always. The newbies like it, mostly because they like lots of flips.

Next was Iron Dragon and Wildcat. ID was a complete empty train and WC had around a 10 minute wait. Not really much to report of these, what you see is what you get.

Next was Millennium Force. The line was a little past the bottom of the ramp. It turned out to be around a 15 minute wait. Sat towards the back and again as always a good ride. By far not the best in the park, IMO, but still really enjoyable. Oh, and with all the fog from The Fright Zone floating over the first turn into the tunnel, it was pretty cool.

Next was walking through The Fright Zone. It was extremely foggy and pretty dark in some spots. There were to my surprise a lot of actors roaming the area. Based on my only other in park Halloween experience being Fearfest at PKI, I'm used to the scare zones only having 10 people at max. Although no one approached me (as was for the whole night, I guess I don't look "scarable") it was a lot of fun to walk through.

Next up was Werewolf Canyon. There was about a 10-15 minute wait. When we got to the dispatcher he asked how many people was in our group and then said nothing. I just kinda stood around and was like "Ok, guess it's time to go in," even though you could see the group in front of us only 15 feet away. In my opinion this is by far the weakest haunted house. Although it was longer, around 10 minutes and there were quite a few actors and lots of fog, it was just, eh. And the ending was just about as random as it could be.

Next was to Maverick. It was showing a 45 minute wait. The one thing about Maverick though is the line moves, you never really feel like you wait too long standing in one spot. I was in the second to last seat and the ride was fast with great air. The first drop seemed even more steep than the first time I rode it. The newbie with me, who hates roller coasters, only rides because of peer pressure, LOVED it and wanted a re-ride, which unfortunately we didn't get. I think that says a lot about the new addition to CP.

Next was U.R. Dade haunted house. It was about a 5-10 minute wait. Not much to really talk about, this house had pretty uninterested actors and there wasn't much to look at scenery/props wise either. It was only around 5 minutes as well.

Next was the best ride of the night. Magnum. There was only a 1-2 train wait. We got a middle seat and were off. It was a little chilly right by the water with the slow lift hill but was fun to look out over the pitch black lake. Magnum is one of my favorites but after that night, it is my number 1! Reason being it was a "mildly trimmed" ride. When I usually visit during the summer, the break grab HARD. But on this night I only felt a slight grab. I didn't really think much of it until we hit the bunny hills back to the station. Whoa! I wasn't expecting it to have such negative g's. It was almost, shall I dare say, scary, which I haven't been on a coaster for a while. If only it was mildly/not trimmed all the time! I would say it was my 2nd favorite ride of the whole summer, only behind the first ride on Maverick.

Next was TTD. I'm a fan of TTD. Although I wouldn't wait over an hour for it, I do think it is one of the best coasters around, only for it's sheer speed and height. It turned out to be a complete walk on. I've never seen the station so empty. They were running the trains with the last car not being used, due to what I would guess would be weight distribution. I was hoping and praying for a roll back, but alas I wasn't awarded one. Felt close, but not quite.

Next was a walk through Carnevil. Again a good amount of fog and A LOT of actors, probably more than The Fright Zone. If you're afraid of clowns I'd stay away. Next was Pharaohs Secret (I think that's the name). It is in the queue for Disaster Transport. I think we waited around 5 minutes. I wasn't expecting much and that's pretty much what I got. I don't know what 3-D had to do with anything but if they wanted to charge for glasses I would suggest not to. Again it was less than 5 minutes long and if you had to, this is the one to skip.

After that somewhat anti-climatic end around 11:15 and realizing we had a 2.5 hour drive back it was time to go. Overall, I think I'll be making a Friday night trip again next year, if only for the empty park and no lines.

PS I learned that CP doesn't house the indoor haunted houses, they are ran by volunteer groups. Sadly, this shows and if CP wanted to ratchet up the scare factor they should hire their own actors.

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