Hades got stuck?

Not to advertise for other web sites, but a certain well known coaster web site had a video posted showing Hades stuck on the top of the turn around. That being said, I've got a pair of technical questions on this one:

#1 Aside from a a wheel bearing failure or something like that, can anyone give meaningful reasons why a coaster would get stuck at the top of a hill? I can see valleying, but this is stuck at the top.

#2 Given that the coaster is stuck at the top of the hill, how can one do a safe evacuation? It seems to me that as soon as someone exits the car, there is the potential of it rolling one way or the other, and with the GP walking on the access path, that seems like a bad idea. Thoughts?


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Walt - if you check the video you refer to you'll notice the train was not balanced on the top of the hill, with equal number of cars on each side. Most of it was still on the "up" side? That's possible because of what Ken Jones alluded to: the anti-rollback strip (and the chain dog). Perhaps this web page will help explain.

In addition to lift hills, an anti-rollback strip is placed where stalling or valleying is a potential, usually at the top of tall hills. The hill where the train stalled has one It's easy to hear which hills have them as often the chain god strikes it and makes the "click-click-click" sound. If you go to YouTube and search for Hades POV you'll see the anti-rollback strip on that hill, mounted just off-center near the crest.

One possible explanation of why Hades stalled at that point would be strong head-wind aligned so that as the train crested the hill it pushed against it and slowed it. Or, perhaps there was a strong breeze blowing in the opposite direction inside the tunnel that caused the train to lose enough speed to stall. Whatever the reason it was not serious and the ride reopened soon after.

Hope that helps!

Often times also if its cool, Which it ususally is in the morning. Say they just fully packed the wheels with cold grease. They don't roll as easly :)

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Hades felt like it barely made that hill anyway. Surprised it took this long.

The fact that there are anti-rollback strips at that point on the ride is meaningful.

Quite often with modern woodies, anti-rollbacks would be placed during ride construction in the same sorts of places where you find them on older rides. But the new-generation physics-defying rides out of Cincinnati that we've become accustomed to usually end up running so fast that the anti-rollbacks are unnecessary, and get removed to reduce wear on the safety dogs. When this happens, you'll usually see a narrow wood strip in the center of the track where the anti-rollbacks used to be.

Most steel coasters do not use mid-course anti-rollbacks. The notable exception to that rule is any portable coaster, especially those from Schwarzkopf. Heck, the Wildcat has a block brake on a section of track that runs uphill, so an anti rollback there is kind of necessary...

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Full train too, wonder why it lost so much speed.

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^My best guess as to "why" is lack of maintenance. Not that I don't absolutely love the Mt O rides (esp. Hades and 'Clops), but the roped-off rows, the oblong wheels, the rough spot on Hades that NEVER goes away....all of these are indicative of a park with an emphasis on cap-ex at the expense of maintenance - not a great sign considering all the wood trackage they have. All that being said, I'm already looking forward to another trip there. :)

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Yeah, ok, Hades got stuck, yada yada yada, that's interesting...

Can we please focus on that hilarious video commentary?!?

"Well, why doncha put dat in yer pipe -n- smoke it?"


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The commentary was hilarious, especially on the second video. I literally lol-ed.

I was so close to going out there on Saturday. Glad I skipped it. Last time I was out there Hades was closed, and Zeus had loads of air but was running like a jackhammer on speed.

Not having been on Hades, I didn't realize there were anti-rollbacks at that place. I guess so many of the newer wood coasters I've been on generally only have them on the lift hill, I was assuming the same of Hades. That makes it make more sense knowing of anti-rollbacks in that position.

I agree Carrie! I was laughing as well. That guy was pretty funny.

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We have a sit-ee-ay-shun here! LOL

Certain victory.

The commentary on that was just amazing, I lol hard watching those two vids. This guy needs to start his own show called "We have a sit-ee-ay-shun"

That hill does look really tall and I'm suprised this is the first time this has happened, guess that's why they have rollbacks there imagine a valley in the tunnel.

My favorite thing about the video was the guy in the front with his hands up, he leaves them up for a while and then is like wth?!

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I would hope they have the anti-rollbacks on that hill, as a valley in the underground portion would make for a much more difficult evacuation. As well I would rather sit perched on top of the hill than underground at a 90-degree bank in the dark! Love the commentary as well... maybe this is the guy Travel channel needs for the coaster shows!

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How would the underground evac be harder? Seems to me, there's no climbing to do or risk of falling at that point, just a really slow stop.

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...as long as it is not on the track segment with the 90-degree banking.

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