Gwazi/Roar question

Unless Busch decides that they don't need six trains anymore. It's possible they ordered more PTC trains than they ended up needing.
Given that they run "relativly" year round, and each train needs heavy maintance on a routine basis, I don't see how they could effectivly get by with less than 5 trains, as 5 trains would allow
1. One train to be torn apart for rebuilding
2. Two other trains to be ready to run on each of the other two tracks at any given time.

Not being an expert, I would assume that train mantance is probably the most labor intensive part of a wooden coaster other than the daily track checks, etc.

With my 5 train scenario, the problem is, of course, there would not be a separate Lion / Tiger spare, which could pose problems. Thus, I see the logic for 6 train sets.

With most other parks closed for 8 months, there is no need for complete spare trains, as the downtime can be used for complete train rebuilds.

SFA doesn't have them money to keep doing major work on Roar either, if it works out well on Wildcat I see the change comming for Roar.
That definitely shows in the way Roar was running last season....even in the straight sections such as the camelback following the first fan curve those trains were shaking.
Plus one went down at least once a month.
^Yeah I noticed that on at least two visits during the 06 season.

They were only running the green train while the black train was sitting on the storage track.

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