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RatherGoodBear said:
I'm going to start counting POV rides and that little simulator in my local mall that shows virtual rides on Gemini and Blue Streak....


In that case im going to count all my 'No Limits' and Roller Coaster Tycoon Rides ;)

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I like the idea of following Bogeymon's method. That way Spinning Dragons can be counted as 2 so I can add a bit more fat to my count. ;)

EDIT: This actually makes me think of a related question: on something such as a spinning coaster can each individual ride be counted since it creates a different experience?

(just for the record, since I am new around here, this is to be read in a VERY sarcastic tone) ;)

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My friend rode Alpie and got evacuated from the MCBR and the ride never opened again, so he's only ever been through the first half of the course. Is that worth .5 credits?

And what about if Shock and Wave had actually been separated? Then what?

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OK I'll dare to jump in:

Two essentially identical rides, either paired or mirror images, I count as one. It's just a way to increase capacity. Space Mountain, Gemini.

Two significantly different rides that happen to share a station I count as two. Batman & Robin: the Chiller, Dueling Dragons.

Relocated steel I count as only one, since it's the same track. Vampire/Flashback, X-Flight/Firehawk.

I don't know about relocated wood: I doubt the experience would be exactly the same.

SOB/SOB without loop is one.

Steel Phantom/Phantom's Revenge is two.


Ok we as Americans need to use the way the rest of the world counts them!!!

By using the metric system, aka counting by 10s!

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