Gwazi - fate still undecided...

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Gwazi is "mostly dead" - we're all pretty much in agreement there. Well, except for Busch Gardens.

From today's paper, a quote from Travis Claytor, spokesman for Busch Tampa: "We're still looking at different options, which include everything from taking it down and building something new, to retrofitting it with steel tracks." So, those hoping for an RMC renovation of what once was a truly fabulous coaster....we're only mostly dead. Miracle Max, along with Alan Schilke and Fred Grubb, can still bring the ride back to life.

I for one would have an *amazing* time storming the castle...

edit: Gainesville Sun online sucks - thankfully, this article originated at the Miami Herald:

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It would be awesome if Gwazi could be transformed. I really liked the ride, and even when it got bad I found it tolerable. Really.

And if nothing else it's an engineering marvel. The view of those intertwined rides from the air is spectacular.

Never rode Gwazi, but I'd much rather see it revived then scrapped. Would be such a waste.

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I vote for reviving the ride too! I liked it a lot. It has a very interesting layout.

I would only hope that if it did get steel track, it would operate as it was intended and duel on a regular basis.

IMO Gwazi's ride was GREATLY improved when they got rid of the PTC Trains and replaced them with the GCI's. I'd rather see them give GWAZI the "RMC Treatment" (I haven't had the chance to ride any coaster that's been redone, yet), than tear it down.

On the brighter side, THREE new coasters will debut in Florida during the next two years. There's a good chance I'll have 499 Coasters "In my Pocket" by the end of 2016, in which case The Georgia Cyclone will become my 500th Roller Coaster in August, 2017, on my way to Tennessee to see the Total Solar Eclipse that's taking place there on August 21. ;)

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