Guys trespass onto Carowinds property & climb Intimidator - PHOTOS

This is just one of many, many trespassing ventures this guy has done in Charlotte and beyond. He's recently climbed two 50+ story tower cranes in downtown Charlotte, walked out to the edge and then he posts the photos on his website. His most notable project was the traffic barrel monster he created in Raleigh a couple months ago. That one made it to CNN. He got fined but that doesn't stop him. Here is that link:

Recently, he ventured into Carowinds and climbed Intimidator and Nighthawk. I must say the photo quality on all his links are quite impressive. He's still a nut though. :)
take a look:

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Stopped by the trim. How appropriate.

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Very rare to see such great pictures (non-typical) of coasters!

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With no safety harnesses no less. Brave little reprobates!

They say they would have run the coaster
except" there is no way the guards would not notice"

This time of year I doubt the trains are on the track.
Not to mention how hard it is for the people who know
what they are doing to keep them running.

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How smart. Thankfully, simply being fined still allows him to contribute to the gene pool of the next generation. We need more people like this in the world.


kevin38 said:
Not to mention how hard it is for the people who know
what they are doing to keep them running.

He must have watched 'Zombieland' one time too many. It's amazing how simple those rides were to operate.....

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Wish the guy fell, but then he would just sue Carowinds for improper security inthe first place.

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You wish the guy fell? That would not have done any good for the amusement industry, yet alone for the daredevil.

This kind of reminds me of the documentary "Man on a Wire". Keep that in mind when I tell you that I kind of admire what this guy is doing. That's the rebel in me, I suppose. He probably understands how to deal with the danger associated with climbing things, and has trained for it.

I don't condone the trespassing aspect of what he does though.

Delan, Thanks for teaching me a new word! "reprobates"! That's awesome!

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Torn how I feel about this. While it's great art usually, it's also stupid, makes the park look bad, and might cause more careless people to try and replicate it.

"Without condemning or condoning, I understand."

Eh, if he was really good, he'd climb over the fence on a hot July afternoon.

And that sort of encouragement explains why people keep getting hit by trains in ride areas...

I don't know if it is more ballsy to be doing these climbs, or to be posting them on the internet. After looking through the website, the roller coaster climbs seem to be the least of his dangerous en devours. I do enjoy the street cone art the most :)

^I dont know if you would enjoy so much if you were the construction worker coming back to work the next day

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Maybe he's trying to cover his @$$.... but:

Fake or no?

The disclaimer is simply him trying to cover his @$$. How serious could you take a person that says "Furthermore any individual who would attempt the actions described onthis web page must be mentally disabled and should be euthanizedimmediately." The traffic barrel monster was even on the local news here and even made CNN.

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Yeah, Swampfoxer. That's what I thought when I read that. The photos don't look doctored to me.

I would consider him to be at least semiprofessional when it comes to risking his life. that's the difference between him and say, a kid who climbs a fence to retrieve his hat, only to get himself decapitated from a moving train, for example.

What he is doing is still against the law, if he is in fact doing it and not simply photoshopping himself into the photos, but it's awfully exciting.

Edited to add - I looked around that website more closely just now, and I don't believe for a second that it's "fake". Most of the photos are taken from places where the general public could not get to. If they are already there, why not photograph each other?

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As a fan of sport climbing, I have to say I think it's pretty awesome.

Not that I'd ever try it, but it IS pretty sweet. Not to mention he delivers some breathtaking photos.

The photos of Indy are absolutely stunning. One of my favorite cities, and I go there as often as I can. White River State Park and Monument Circle are two of my favorite places to play with my camera. Wish I was the one with those photos, but definitely would not be risking the trespassing.

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I would have very little sympathy for this guy if he fell while doing something like this while trespassing. He's a hot dog, and he's breaking the law.

Don't get me wrong -- I have nothing against extreme sports or showmanship. I'm somewhat of a fan of BASE jumping, but I don't believe participants should just drop off any private tower they want without permission.

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I'm sorry but those orange barrels are hilarious!!! :)
Truly how many of us would love to see those things in a construction zone?

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