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Went to Great America Thursday and Friday, and when I got home I found a guest satisfaction survey waiting in my inbox. Is this "new normal" for SF, or is it because I visited a park other than my home park, or ???

Short version, I was pretty satisfied. Met up with some great friends, and had a really enjoyable day with only some minor operational issues.Thankful as anything that Eagle Red opened up when it did on Friday, that side was WAY better than "Backwards Blue". We would have missed out on something pretty special had we not noticed them open up Red when they did (like 3pm or something - thought it might have been a staffing issue). Around that same time, they got the other 3 sides of Giant Drop running - the line was awful slow-moving when only half the tower was operating. What I did find funny is that most of the crews seemed to be busting tail, except perhaps for Whizzer, which had the "best crew" banner proudly displayed. East River Crawler and Fiddler's Fling could really use two ops - those ops were working hard, but that's a lot of jobs for one person considering restraint-checking is time-consuming on those two (awesome) rides. Fling in particular runs an incredibly-sweet cycle of insanity...

Back to the question: Are others getting SF surveys, and under what circumstances?

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My pass is from Great Adventure, and I visited Great Escape on Thursday and received a guest satisfaction survey email the next day. That didn't happen when I visited Great America earlier this year.

My visit was fine from an operations standpoint (just had a little rain delay), but the only oddity was that they are apparently in a limbo period where you can't buy a 2011 *or* 2012 season pass. Next year's goes on sale September 1st, and I'm guessing it will include the rest of this year with it. My friend and I were planning to visit SF New England and Great Adventure on this same trip, so even if all he could get was a 2011 pass it would've been a savings over buying daily tickets.

As it turned out, we canceled the Great Adventure visit due to the hurricane, so he actually saved a few bucks by not getting a pass.

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I suspect it's like most hospitality-based businesses - surveys are randomly sent out to guests.

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I got one from GADV couple weeks ago and it's my pass park..

Just another Mike..

The last week of daily operation is notorious for really short staffing because of schools starting. As for Whizzer, when they're only running two trains, there is no need for any hustle because they can't send until the previous train hits the final brake run.

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I got the survey emailed to me also from our visit last Friday. I'm guessing we pretty much filled it out the same way.

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^Mike, I would assume so, LOL. That first ride on Ragin' Cajun was absolutely sublime - hoping my eyes stop "tracking" sometime this week! ;)

Good to know these surveys are commonplace - with any luck, they'll use the data to improve the parks...GAm really didn't have that much room for improvement, though... :)

Lord Gonchar said:
I suspect it's like most hospitality-based businesses - surveys are randomly sent out to guests.

And people on this site are as random as it gets. :)

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