Group Portrait of Entire Disney World Staff

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One of those things that I thought was pretty neat and wanted to share. Make sure you check out the full-size photo. Crazy stuff.


Group portrait of entire Walt Disney World staff, including cast of costumed Disney characters in fore, standing in front of Cinderella Castle prior to grand opening of amusement park. October 15, 1971.

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Ha ha, neat. I wonder what that photo would look like now. I love Pooh, the wide lens makes him look funny,

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Yeah, at first I thought this was going to be a current picture. Which would have been, uh, quite a feat.

I think you'd need a big honkin' camera AND a bigger location for that. Isn't WDW the largest single-site employer in the world?

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Wow, reminds me of our high school senior picture where we formed an "89"...oops! Gave away my age. ;)

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I graduated in a class of about 700 students. When they took our picture they had a camera that panned from one side to the other to get everyone in. Me and a few others were on the edge they started on. Once the camera passed us we ran behind the bleachers they set up and got in the picture a second time.

Certain victory.

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Very cool pic! :)

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No one believes me, and I don't really care, but my graduating class was 3000. It was very unusual. We didn't get a class photo, and our names were not called at the graduation ceremony.

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Oh, I was gonna say... that picture looks hella old skool.

They could easily quadruple the amount of employees now.... If not more.
Any idea of how many peeps are in that picture, in comparison to how many employees there are currently?


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From Wiki:

When the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, the site employed about 5,500"cast members". Today it employs more than 63,000, spending more than$1.1 billion on payroll and $478 million on benefits each year. Thelargest single-site employer in the United States , Walt Disney World Resort has more than 3,000 job classifications.

Wiki: Walt Disney World

Though the photo doesnt look like 5k people. But im not going to even begin to count on that photo.

Yes! I got one right! To put 63,000 people, it's roughly the population of Rapid City, SD.

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^.. Its amusing to think of the population of that city, when we fill more than that in one area (Lane Stadium) at a Virginia Tech Football game... :)

'Course there's bigger colleges and of course pro.. but I only have my alma mater for perspective.

Well, I did a little research to come up with that city.

To put something within my area, it's about 2/3rds the capacity of NH Motor Speedway (total seats: 101,000 people)

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I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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