GRIFFON - soft opening on Mothers' Day

Was anybody at Busch Gardens Europe for Mothers' Day? Apparently Griffon had a soft opening yesterday and was operating all day -- two weeks ahead of its official scheduled opening.
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Figures - I was at Dollywood and Carowinds over the weekend and avoided BGW because I assumed the soft opening was still a ways away.
There are some TRs on some of the BG fan sites. Word was that lines were 20 mins or less for most of the day with three train operation. All good reviews so far too...

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

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Perfect timing or easily shopped.

Ride looks awesome.

Cant wait for Shiekra with the new trains, and the Starliner for my annaual florida trip this year. It still sucks about Gwazi not getting the MFs.

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Those trains are enormous! Three rows of ten? I guess I wasn't paying attention.

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Sheikra is just all around fun, so Griffon will be the same. Anyone that complains about these dive coasters should re-evaluate and appreciate them for what they are and what they deliver.

They are crowd pleasers whether you are riding them or watching them.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

really impressive vehicles

airtime for everyone
Certainly impressive. However, call me crazy, but the bridge over the first drop looks like a recipe for disaster. Looks very dangerous if a kid decided to climb over.
Looks awesome. What I love about Busch parks is the elaborate and thoughtful landscaping that goes into all of their coasters. Really nice.
Does it still fly around the course or did they end up trimming it? I remember watching a test video and thinking it was insanely fast over some elements
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When I was there a couple weeks ago they seemed to be braking in all the normal spots. The ride and entrance look awesome in person, they did a great job with it.

About the bridge, I didn't even think about that, but it does seem like a risky thing to do, but at the same time, no one is climbing over, or throwing stuff of the bridge that Alpengeist goes under.

fearandloathing said:
the bridge over the first drop looks like a recipe for disaster. Looks very dangerous if a kid decided to climb over.

Not very likely to happen. However, some immature kids thinking it might be fun, may decide to throw objects down at a passing train, injuring riders. I can definitely see that happening.

So can one assume another open period this weekend or no guarantees?

I'm putting off going till after the official opening but if there is a chance to ride, I'd go this Friday.

Media day is tomorrow too...might play in our favor this weekend?

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^ Do NOT *assume* the ride will be open. There MAY be some tweaking they want to do (adjusting brakes, etc.).

Likely, it will be open. But as with any new ride, the tweaking can continue throughout the Official Grand Opening. Just don't want you to go and be disappointed.

No disappointment. I live 30 min. from the park with a fun card but usually go for only a few hours to hit the coasters a few times each. Just waiting to hit griffon back to back (to back) once it gets cleared. Anyone hear of trouble/hangups mothers day? Any down time during the day?
I visited bgw last year, and had an excellent trip. I just recently visited bgt about a month ago, and if sheikra is any indication, this ride should be quite fun.

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Finally got my first ride o' the beast last night. Thought I'd drive down and see if it was full tilt after work. It there at seven. Free preferred parking (great since I just have a fun card)?!?!? This happen to anyone before or is it just a late pickup thing? Def. another great addition...for BG and B&M. Very smooth...not too short or bittersweet. The MCBR isn't a killer but is actually my fav. section (second drop). Great airtime spots at the end and a great splashpool. The best part though was having a train full of people sooo excited and screaming/yelling the whole time. Such a high you get from being so "amped" about a new experience...not something I get often on coasters.

Dispatch was very tight last night. About 2.5-3 min. a train, two were running. I don't see the need for three trains as one is headed out when the other is coming in. Great ride ops. Hats off to them even for a soft opening period. *Note* Single rider line is to the left of in entrance hut. Didn't realize this till I was in the station, though people were good about packin' it in. S.R. line didn't move much from what I saw but maybe worth a try come the busy nights. Had a 40 min. wait with full trains....screw the queue in summer though. Should be in full operation now. I don't see a reason for them to have an off day (save maybe the 24th before official opening to get whatever unknown bugs out?) Plus the park is now open daily, so hit up a weekday if you can.

Got off about 8 and headed to Alpe...very neglected being so close to the new ride (2 min. walk). Had a fortunate walk on for the front (needed a single rider) after a five minute empty train brake check. Very shaky in all rows and seats for some reason. Maybe the cold last night (50's)...had another 4 walk-ons after that in mid to rear rows....followed by three consecutive rides in the last row. Gotta love rerides. Got 8 circuits in 50 mins. Add one more for Grif and not too bad for a couple hours at BG.

It opened on Saturday (TR up), but quite late--around 2 p.m.

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