Greezed Lightnin' moves from Texas to New Mexico

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A trade and a handshake - the deal is done!

Guess I'll have to get back out to New Mexico sooner than later!

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Awesome news!

Joyland Lubbock is one of those parks I haven't visited yet...

But Cliff's is a really cool park - Rattler ran beautifully on our visit last year, and the entire park was nicely themed and maintained...def. a *family* park. We even took a visit to the water play area that is being swapped with was fun, but was overwhelmed by the number of visitors wanting to enjoy it. Billboards in the park were already announcing the arrival of this expanded water play area, so this works out wonderfully for Cliff's.

From what I understand, Joyland had every intention of re-installing the Anton shuttle, but were having serious problems with land prep/structure support. Win-win! :)

That is good news. I thought that ride would never roll again.

This is the kind of good news that kind of points out how the amusement industry is different from almost any other business. Look at how the deal went's a very old-fashioned, very personal way of doing business. It also shows how the competition *really* works between parks.

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