Greezed Lightnin' & Mayan Mindbender to Stay in Texas

Friday, March 10, 2006 7:05 PM
With the bad new today of the TX Cyclone being demolished, heres some good news. I'am not sure if you already know this but, Greezed Lightnin' & Mayan Mindbender from SFAW will stay in Texas and have 2007 openings.

Greezed Lightnin' will go to JoyLand Amusement Park in Lubbock TX.

Mayan Mindbender will go to Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo TX.

Nice to know that 2 More coasters are opening for 2007. Better that an Anton is being saved as too many of them are vanishing. Im Glad these coaster's weren't scrapped and finding a new home in Texas.

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Friday, March 10, 2006 7:37 PM
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