Green Bay mayoral candidate accuses mayor of lying about Zippin Pippin cost

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A Green Bay mayoral candidate claims city hall documents reveal the Zippin Pippin will now cost more than $4 million. Pat Evans, who is currently a Brown County supervisor, says a city employee came to him with the inside information on Bay Beach’s first roller coaster.

Read more from WLUK/Green Bay.

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Somehow I don't think that name calling is a good way to get elected after last November. Citing a phantom employee, who comes off as disgruntled, probably doesn't do a lot for credibility either.

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Secret documents and nameless employees is a great conspiracy theory, but doesn't scream credibility. But then again, the value of credibility in politics and news has been going down for a while now.

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Honestly, the one thing that did make sense to me is that $2/ride is a more reasonable price point. I know Bay Beach is trying to present a *value proposition*, but still...if you're beating Knoebel's pay-per-ride prices by 50%, then you're just leaving money on the table...

I think I'd be tempted to go with $1 rides as "special events" and such, but in general, $2/ride is in NO way unreasonable...and since it's TGG, it's likely to be an exceptional thrill at a bargain price.

Oh, and $4M still seems like a reasonable figure to me - besides, there's probably 500K in "unforeseen costs" with governemt red tape that needs processing...

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Man, riding the octopus at the local travelling carnival is twice as expensive. The Giant Dipper is $6 with tickets. But you can get a wrist band for ~$22.

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SomehowI don't think that name calling is a good way to get elected after lastNovember. Citing a phantom employee, who comes off as disgruntled,probably doesn't do a lot for credibility either.

Pointing out that the current mayor is a big spender who recklessly spends on non-essential items, and possibly/probably lied in order to do exactly the way to get elected. If November showed us anything...people are tired of overspending.

As for "disgruntled"...I don't see it that way at all. I see a guy who wants to do right but fears for his job. He said 8 others at city hall have confirmed the numbers. While there is no way of assuring 100% certainty, I'm willing to give the benifit of the doubt to nine people confirming the costs are much greater than the mayor said. Heck, the mayor himself has admitted to the first $500 thousand of cost over-runs. He was wrong before...why should he get the benifit of the doubt now? Until Evans and his supposed supporters are proven to be wrong like the mayor is...I'll lean toward assuming Evan's position is closer to reality.

At which cost point would/could anybody who supports government backed rollercoasters be willing to admit this was probably not a smart undertaking? We are up to "over" $4 million now... up from the $2.5 originally promised. This will not be the final figure. Anybody who follows politics know exactly how the game is played and how this game ends.

The mayor and those who support this project keep changing the criteria. First this was a supposed money-maker at $1 a ride. Now we need $2 a ride and a refinance of a 10 year bond to 20. What will the story be when the next million of overexpenditures is revelaed? Maybe if they charge $6 million dollars for 1 ride, then they can make this profitable?

I guess (temporarily) this will come down to whether you believe Evan's is telling the truth or Scmitt is? Those meeting minutes I linked in the prior thread certainly showed that this should be no surprise. This mayor wanted his rollercoaster. He was willing to, at the very least, overlook expenditures that should have been included in the proposal. Doing so would have demonstrated that this is probably not a money-making venture.

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I'm so over this whole coaster that I don't ever even plan on driving/flying to to ride.

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November didn't demonstrate anything other than the people who yell the loudest get heard on occasion.

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I thought November demonstrated that when the majority don't get out and vote (perhaps by perfecting gridlock for 2 years right up until lame-duck session?), a vocal voting minority can make HUGE gains in a midterm.

bill, wondering why I can't seem to spell "government" right without really paying attention.... ;)

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So you're both wrong. It's ok. ;)

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Elvis would turn over in his grave if he knew all the drama going on in Green Bay over his favorite coaster. ;)


For the record, Elvis didn't have a favorite coaster. He lived in Memphis at times when he wasn't in Las Vegas living in the International (now the LV Hilton). About 2 weeks before he died, he rented out Libertyland for some friends, record associates, family members, etc. This was not a monthly thing, nor did he have any attatchment for the park nor the coaster.

If that coaster had ANY impact on Elvis's childhood, I am certain by now Graceland Enterprises would have either purchesed to operations from the fairgrounds, or moved/rebuilt a working model on the mansion grounds. Any more questions?

Lord Gonchar said:
So you're both wrong. It's ok. ;)

Were you talking politically or the way this Zippin Pippen story is unfolding? ...seems both could apply...;)

I kid...I kid...:)

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^^You are right. I had to take another look at the sign again. So it was definitely his favorite ride during that one and only visit. I know Elvis was a thrillseeker in many ways according to what I have seen at Graceland and what I have read over the years. I never thought about Graceland Enterprises buying out the park or coaster, which I am sure they easily could have. :)

I can just imagine what the "ERT" was like that night in August of '77. ;)

It's still one of my all-time favorite woodies, and I am glad it's getting a new home. They just don't make them like that anymore. :)


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Aamilj said:
Were you talking politically or the way this Zippin Pippen story is unfolding? ...seems both could apply...;)

I kid...I kid...:)

Actually, I was referring to Jeff and Gator. :)

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