Green Bay considers isolating Bay Beach with its own operating fund

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For years, Bay Beach Amusement Park has been so profitable that it supported other city of Green Bay operations. Starting next year, it might support only itself. A Green Bay City Council committee on Tuesday endorsed a plan to establish a separate fund for operating and maintaining the waterfront amusement park.

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I don't remember hearing that the park had been bringing in 2 million a year for the city to use as discretionary funds. People were complaining that the city was spending 3.5 million on the coaster, saying something along the lines of, the public sector shouldn't be involved in the private sector. Were those same people complaining when the city was cashing it's 2 million dollar checks every year? I doubt it.

Ironically, if this all goes through, the people complaining will kind of gotten their wishes. It will be it's own self sustaining entity, which it sounds like it basically was anyway. But, in the long run the city may not be getting the amount of money from the park that it could have and has the potential of costing, the complainers and everyone else in the city, more in tax dollars than it would have if they just kept their mouths shut in the first place. :-)

I'm wondering why the city even needs to chance cutting off a nice supply of revenue just to get donations for a park that seems to be sustaining itself. How big are these donations? Secondly, the donators are concerned that the city may dip into the donated funds meant for the park. But, it seems to me the city is pretty willing to make improvements to the park. Otherwise the Zippen Pippen wouldn't be there now. Yes the city could probably have afforded to buy the coaster without spending it's own money. But, they would likely have had to take out a loan to do so. If they did that, it would have cost even more in the long run. Why mess with a system that obviously seems to be working so well?

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Never trust the politicians to run for-profit corporations. It's generally not good long-term for the corporation or the taxpayers. Countless examples exist, the most similar is Rye Playland, which has cost the county of Westchester millions over the past decade. Just because Bay Beach is profitable under the City of Green Bay's management now does not mean it will remain so in the future.

Then again, Wisconsin, and specifically Green Bay, may be the exception since they also own the Packers. They seem to be more trusting/trustworthy there.

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And just because the sky is blue doesn't mean it will fall tomorrow.

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No, NEXT December. Sheesh.

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It might fall in Wisconsin. That place is the exception.

"The term is 'amusement park.' An old Earth name for a place where people could go to see and do all sorts of fascinating things." -Spock, Stardate 3025

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