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Thursday, June 14, 2001 10:45 AM
The third annual Coaster Crew (Chris, Nick, Ryan, myself) to Cedar Point w/ Ryan's church was awesome. We all had on Christopher Peeper shirts. Lots of people asked what it meant. We told them that we are a band (Nick and I are the only band members out of the four), that we are from MI (we are from Akron, OH), that we are on tour (we currently play at small venues known as parties and churches), and that we are playing at SF on Friday (we are visiting SF on Friday). Needless to say we met a lot of cool people and a guy even gave us his business card.

We got there at 9:15, but the pastor was as bummed as us when he gave us his tickets at 9:45 after waiting a long time to get them.

We ran back to The Force and waited in front of Toot Sweets. They opened the que and we waited 30 minutes. It was Ryan's first ride and he love it. I am sorry, but I am prejudice over everyone who didn't feel for this ride. Sorry to offend, but you suffer from being a complete MORON if you don't like this ride. We rode in 2-1.

The crowds poured in so we decided against sticking mainly to The Force and Magnum and attemp to ride every coaster (except Jr. Gemini) on a busy day. I didn't know that I would redicover some gems.

We took quick to MS and walked on, crappy ride of course.

We took quick to Mine Ride. Waited 5 minutes. I recognized the ride-op from a picture on this site. It was none other than the infamous Natalie. I told Chris to yell "Ride of Steel" when we were exiting. She started to talk to him, but I forget what she said.

We then hit up the Round-up for some very nice foot-long-chilly-cheese-dogs. Food services were EXCELLENT today, not waiting at all for food.

We headed over to Gemini and lost big time on the blue train(blue lost every race today). Great ride. We rode it later in the day and I encountered the funniest ride-op known to man. He talked in a slow, monotone voice and used huge words. Some of my fav. lines: "I hope you have had the pleasure of riding Gemini as much as I have the pleasure of pressing the button, I hope it will prompt you to write about it in your memoirs". "You are about to ride into a land of enchantment, known only to you as Gemini, but known to me as my life".

We then rode Woodstock for the first time to add to our track record. This is a clone of FU at IOA I think. I bought the pic. Good ride.

Now it's time for the second best coaster in the world: Magnum! We waited 15 minutes for the back and had an awesome ride like usual. We rode twice more during the day, including ejector which was very bumpy and out of control.

We then made our way to Corkscrew. Corkscrew is Corkscrew. THREE TRAINS.

Then we headed to ID. I have not ridden ID since '93. I was very surprised at how cool the ride is. I like it better than Top Gun, but not nearly as much as BBW. 10 minutes

We then discovered yet another gem: Wildcat. I have not ridden for a few years. I was expecting a rough, jerky ride, but I got a very smooth airtime filled ride. I could barely fit. 15 minutes

We then hit up DT, the ride everyone trashes for no reason. Of course, I love the ride and we waited 15 minutes.

We went on to Raptor where I chose the Death Seat. Second best invert I have ridden behind FIRE. Waited 30 min. DEATH SEAT DEATH SEAT RA RA RA!

We then only had to ride BS and Mantis (were saving that for night when the lines were shorter). We hung around BS area for an hour waiting for it to open but the brakes were bad so we didn't get a ride. An op came out and sat at the bench w/ us and talked to us. He took one of our family radios and yelled SHUTUP really loud over and over on it. It was very funny and you wouldn't see an employee come out and sit w/ you at any other park.

At 4:30 we ran back to The Force where we waited 1 hour. We sat in the eighth car. Another life changing event.

We then hit Magnum and Gemini once more like I mentioned earlier.

We came back to The Force and had another hour wait. We sat in the fourth car and bid farewell for a few months. :(

We hopped in the Mantis que where we hung around for 15 minutes before we boarded the back row. Nick really enjoyed this ride.

With half an hour left, we finally completed our mission by riding Blue Streak in the back car. We walked on, but suffered a very rough ride. They need to get this ride in line. Maybe some retracking? We rode this ride four times last year and it was alright, now its very rough back there. We ended our night on Demon Drop.

The Force - 3
Magnum - 3
Power Tower (UP) - 3
Gemini - 2
Cedar Downs - 2
All other coasters and Demon Drop - 1

We all had the best of times. We easily fit in riding every coaster and The Force and Magnum thrice. I am still waiting for my DROP ride on PT but UP was too tempting w/ the walk-on line while DROP had 20 minutes. Every year we find a new snack we like to munch on. Last year it was Macho Nachos. We purchased an order of those, but those were over thrown as The Coaster Crew Official Snack by funnel cake w/ ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles from Toot Sweets. SFGL Friday (fourth visit) and KI in a few weeks. This is a good month.

One more thing. I now know why The Point is the greatest place on earth. The employees pride themselves by working at the best place. The ride-ops didn't let a minute pass w/out letting everyone know that Cedar Point is America's Rollercoast the best amusement park on the planet. The would have their own way of saying they were the best and there wasn't anything tha could touch Cedar Point. Being in this mentality makes them work to be the best. It also makes them run 3 trains on ALL rides (even CCMR and Corkscrew!), get trains out fast, and never stacking a single train ALL WHILE BEING COURTEOUS AND FUN! Mantis only ran two trains today but that was the only coaster that did so. Cedar Point truly is the best place.

"We took pop music and we kicked its arse" *** This post was edited by ChristopherPeeper on 6/14/2001. ***
Friday, June 15, 2001 9:23 AM
What the heck is the death seat?

Lance Baker

I survived Millenium Force!
Friday, June 15, 2001 11:57 AM

I think it's the back row all the way to the right side.

"If everything seems undercontrol, you're not going fast enough!"
Friday, June 15, 2001 3:45 PM
Correct- you get the best drop over the midway, the best of the first inline twist and just an overall better ride.

"We took pop music and we kicked its arse"

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