Great Nor Easter renamed

To Fly The Great Nor' Easter

They are promoting it as new. I'm guessing the new trains are that big of a chain. My local Philly station did a report on it. Once its on line I will post it.


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I don't believe it's a name change, but just a tag line.

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The name actually changed from 'The Great Nor'Easter' to 'FLY THE GREAT NOR'EASTER'.

I actually was on the first official train Saturday, the ride sensation is incredible. Look out B&M.

This is an affordable way to have more hang and less bang.

Fly the Great NorEaster? That isn't a name, that's a command!

Unless the ride's new name is "Fly" as in "Fly: The Great Nor'Easter".

2008: The year of the crap coaster name.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

FTGNE is definitely worse than Flight Deck.
Unless you have tried it again, don't knock it.
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I think he means the name, not the ride.

Well, I think the GNE is a good name.
I also believe GNE is a good name but tacking on "Fly!" is stupid.
I'm pretty sure the "fly" part is just a tagline. At least I hope that it is. I love the name "The Great Nor'easter", very appropriate considering the setting.
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I can't wait to ride this with the new restraints. Looks and sounds awesome!

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Now, would you have rather had it changed to the original proposed name, "Freedom Flight"? I didn't think so.

You stepped up, you stepped in, now I'm going to take you for a little spin.

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Freedom Flight > Fly the Great Nor'Easter
"custom designed"... sure! :P

airtime for everyone
It is custom designed. yes, its the same basic layout as the 1st generation slc's, but it had to re-designed in several areas to fit within the waterpark.

Vekoma chose to list it as 'custom' on their website at one time, and justified it with new column positons, a new loading station location, and a stretched out corkscrew element. The standard lift usually goes for 105', and the GNE's is 115', which gives it a bit more punch with the ocean breeze at its back.

But, everyone should re-ride it with the new vests. Quite a change.

Even before the new trains, it was the best SLC I had ridden. The transitions between elements was fairly smooth and the location made for some pretty exciting visuals. No doubt the changes will make the ride even better. I can't wait.

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