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Saturday, May 11, 2002 10:43 PM

From reading someone else’s TR, it looks like CP did not have the best day today. However, for the two hours I was there, I had a fantastic time! I think I was enjoying the after effects of bad weather because the park was empty!

I was in Sandusky to pick up a Mother’s Day present and decided to stop and get my CP season pass processed so my friends don’t have to wait for me when we go Monday (yeah, I was lazy and never mailed it out). So I arrived at the park a little before 8:00 PM and found a near-empty parking lot. The heavy rain had just stopped, so I thought I would go in and check out the park for a while. I could not believe how perfectly empty the park was. I usually don’t do the amusement park thing alone, but I could not pass it up tonight and ended up staying until closing, getting a whole bunch of rides in those 2 hours.

First, I hit Blue Streak. This has been a CP tradition for me for as long as I can remember—I always start out the season on this great woodie, and I was especially looking forward to riding it after hearing the reports coming in last weekend. I must say I was impressed…it looks awesome with its new wood and new paint, and it rides even better. Smooth and filled with airtime—this is the best the ride has ever run that I can remember. I love how you float over the second hill and then are yanked over the third! Got my first lap in the very back seat and then decided to do another one in seat 1-3 right afterwards. They were only running 1 train, but even those were not always going out completely filled. There was some major squeaking to be had around the turns, but I understand this happens in a rain because it washes off all the graphite off the track (which prevents the squeaking). People said last weekend that BS was flying so fast that they were getting laterals on the turnaround. I did not get any on my first two rides, but this is because we were riding into a pretty strong headwind…more on that later, though…

Of course, next I couldn’t wait any longer to ride Wicked Twister (my original intention was to ride BS and WT and then leave, which of course did not happen). I walked over there and was greeted by a 2 train wait…this was too good to be true! For my first ride, I sat in the second to back seat, left side. WOW…count me in as one of the “back spike” converts! The backwards spike is absolutely ridiculous in the back, I’m talking one of the most disorienting elements on any coaster I’ve ever ridden! I seriously felt like I was tailspinning to my death on my first ride. Holding brake what??? S:UE will never be the same to me again (which I have the feeling that this reaction was at least ONE of CP’s intentions in adding this ride ). The crew loads unbelievably fast, and the area around the ride looks really nice (especially the logo on the pavement, the flags, and the openness of the beach locale), although I thought the queue was rather small for a low-capacity CP coaster. My only complaint (and this is a big one) is that the Ride Op announces the launch. How lame is that? My favorite thing about launched coasters is the nervous anticipation that occurs before the launch. Now that I know when it’s coming, thanks to the “clear to launch…three…two…one…(Enter LIM-firing noise here)” that they say before every launch, I would have to say it takes a little something away from the ride experience. C’mon, why is this necessary? Other than that (which I have to admit did not dampen my ride experience THAT much), WT is an impressive addition for CP that fits in perfectly with its beachside location, and like I said, that backwards spike is just absolutely nasty…

It was funny hearing people in line react to the swaying of the towers too. One guy standing next to me in line whom I did not even know even got my attention and pointed it out to me—it seemed like it disturbed him.

Well I couldn’t bring myself to leave after this, because I felt the call of my personal favorite steel coaster, Magnum. After a walk-on wait to the ejector seat, I was off on a trimless, faster-than-anything-I-remember Maggie. The pretzel is incredible without trims, and the bunny hills are ridiculous (these combined with WT’s back spike make “ridiculous” the theme of the night). I loved it so much and realized that I had to take advantage of this rare treat—trimless Maggie—so I took two more (intentional) rides, the first being in seat 6-2 and the second in the very back. I then got a bonus reride in the backseat because my lapbar didn’t unlock when I came back to the station…after another ride, the ride-ops yanked it open for me with all their might and taped it off (recurring theme from last weekend?). Don’t worry though, only two seats were taped off that I noticed on any of the trains. This is the way I love my favorite steel coaster best: wild, out of control, launchpad airtime, and laterals in the pretzel (which I do admit are a bit uncomfortable in Magnum’s trains, but I still love them anyway).

By this time, it was about 9:15, so I decided to hit a few rides at the front of the park before heading out. I was immediately drawn back to WT. This time, the line was MUCH longer…a 6 train wait for the very back seat…he he! Back right was even crazier than the first ride…like others have said, this IS the money seat!

At 9:30, the ride ops on WT announced that Millennium Force (which had been down all day) was now open. I did not ride, but this is one of the things I really love about CP. At most other parks, when a ride breaks down (or rolls back or whatever) and takes a long time to fix, it would just remain shut for the rest of the day. Tonight, they opened MF with only a half hour left in the day and then even had the courtesy to have ride ops on other rides announce its opening (not just on WT…the Raptor ride ops also did later in the night with only 5 minutes left before closing)…classic CP operations move, working to serve their customers the best way they can. Kudos!

By the time I got off WT, it was about 9:40, so I hopped aboard Disaster Transport to check out the new changes…even dropped a buck for the 3-D glasses (which I held on my face the entire ride to keep from falling off…kind of annoying). The changes are a definite improvement over last year, but I wish it still had the strobes at the end. The Ride Ops were using the “Welcome to Alaska” line again, so the rumors that CP dropped this aspect of the ride are not true.

After this, I took one more ride on Blue Streak. Seeing that I was the only person in the station when I got up there (and a train with passengers was about to be sent), a nice ride op opened a seat for me in the back (by the way, the BS crew this year looks to be fantastic—a lot of fun interaction with guests and consideration, too). By this time in the night, the wind had died down from what it was earlier, and sure enough, not only was the airtime more extreme, but I did get laterals on the turnaround, and this was with a mostly-empty train. I can’t wait for what a midsummer ride will be like.

As I was walking out of the park, I noticed Raptor’s line had not yet closed yet, so I snagged a ride on one of the final trains out of the night. I have to admit it was weird being alone in the very back (Money seat: row 8 far right). The ride was fantastic—Raptor still has the same speed it did last year!

Overall, a great night and great way to spend 2 hours, even if I was at the park alone (which I usually do not do). With the exception of Blue Streak, every other ride was running at full capacity, even with the tiny waits…classic CP! I can’t wait for my future visits, in particular this Monday.

I get the feeling there's a conspiracy over at King's Island to remove anything that has "K" or "C" in its initials.

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Sunday, May 12, 2002 8:26 AM

I'm sorry, but I'm not impressed that CP opened MF 1/2 hour before closing. IMO this is so obviously self serving, that I'm nauseated.

Self serving how, you ask? Well, that's simple. When people call to complain and say, "how come MF was closed all day". They can say " Um, sir it opened at 9:30". How lame. CP knows damn well that most everyone had left the park at that point.

I would respect CP much more if they would have been up front with us and would have posted a sign that said "MF CLOSED today".

Don't get me wrong, I love CP. My favorite park. But even our "heros" make mistakes.
So many coasters, so little vacation time....

Sunday, May 12, 2002 8:45 AM
I was under the impression that there WAS a sign. They usually have one anyway. As for the ride not opening until 9:30, keep in mind the weather. It was cold and rainy and I'm sure they did not want to risk another rollback as it took like 24 hours of work to move that 28 ton train through the rest of the course. As it is, the MF trains are heated (blue tarp and heaters under the station) and dummied (or employees fill the trains) on cooler mornings. The Intamins are very tempermental when it comes to weather to the point where MF might be as much of a pain as Gemini in the cold. It HAS been a tough year for MF so far - no doubt, but it will probably improve now that they brought the station music/spiel and the logos back! ;) All that's left is the wheels!

2001 Magnum Crew

Sunday, May 12, 2002 8:50 AM

Oh, there was a sign. It said, "MF will open LATER today". When you see "later", you assume 2 maybe 3 or 4 o'clock. Not 9:30!
So many coasters, so little vacation time....
Sunday, May 12, 2002 9:37 AM


You understand that there are many things outside of the parks control that may contribute to a ride not operating, don't you?

I'm sure CP did everything possible to get the ride running. If they were not successful until 9:30, then so be it. Don't you think they would have opened it earlier if it was possible? That fact that you think it was pointless to open the ride a half-hour before closing is absurd.

True, the park may have been empty but I'm sure there were still some people that got to ride. I'm also sure those people are happy the ride finally opened. Remember, not everyone goes to the park over and over again. That may have been the only chance some of those people had to ride MF.

I'm sure the park is sorry if YOU didn't get to ride the coaster. But then again, the park doesn't revolve around you...


Sunday, May 12, 2002 10:17 AM

As I stated earlier, I'm fine with not getting to ride. I've ridden it dozens of times.

My problem was the sign that read: MF will open later today. Don't pull my chain. Just tell me straight out, "sorry MF is CLOSED today". That's fine. I understand. I'm an Aircraft Mechanic, I totally understand delays. Believe me!

What if I wasn't a season pass holder, and this was the only weekend I might be there? Instead of wasting my money on Saturday, (yes, wasting, because I heard alot of people saying this was their only trip to CP. MF was their main reason for coming) I would have waited for Sunday (today).

So yes it was pointless to open a coaster for a hand full of people, risking another rollback. Just fix it, and when it's *really* ready, open it.
So many coasters, so little vacation time....

Sunday, May 12, 2002 10:19 AM
All I'm saying is that at very many other parks, if a roller coaster experienced a rollback and wasn't operational until half an hour before closing, most parks would not have even bothered opening it. CP was working all day to pull the train through the course and by the time they finished the hard work that entails, it was almost closing time. They could have easily said, we'll deal with it testing it and warming it up tomorrow, but they opened it anyway to at least make sure some of their paying customers got a chance to ride. To me, that's customer service, not "nauseating."

I get the feeling there's a conspiracy over at King's Island to remove anything that has "K" or "C" in its initials.

Sunday, May 12, 2002 10:28 AM
I had a funny fealing when we lef around 9 that it would open at 9:30 or 9:45. Put I was to damp to stay and it was still farily windy when we left. (dam and windy, not a good combination) No biggy on MF, I'll be back on the May 30. (I hope there is no rain on the 30th.)
Sunday, May 12, 2002 2:29 PM
I read in an earlier post that MF seems much slower, is this true?
Monday, May 13, 2002 5:09 AM

I agree totally with MooreOn here. Considering the entire day of operations,/ miserable weather while visiting both SFWoA and CP Saturday (5/11), I was JACKED when they opened MF later. To say it's "self serving" was a poor choice of verbage. If you were playing RCT, the rating would have gone from 600 to 950 in 5 minutes! Did they make the tiny crowd at the Point happy? To further your point RollerFreak, why doesn't Six Flags place signs next to their coasters that say:

--It's cold and have experienced rollbacks. Thus, your hinneys will wait an extra 15-20 minutes on all of our coasters for the day even though the attendance is below average. The ride op at The Villian said, "I hate it when we only run one." Yeah, my man, "so do I"

Great move, CP!



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