Great Escape announces Bobcat wooden roller coaster

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From the official site:

Run like a bobcat along this wooden family coaster’s track, the first-of-its-kind in Six Flags history. The Bobcat has all the charm of a classic wooden coaster enhanced by modern innovation to take you on a wild ride the whole family will love.

This family thrill coaster takes riders up 55 feet in the air before sending them along an exciting run, reaching speeds of nearly 40 miles per hour. Modernized ride trains allow for a more comfortable ride experience, tighter turns along the course, and maximum thrills on a timeless wooden track.

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Not sure what it says about my tastes and/or age, but I’m far more interested in this than the much bigger ride going in at Great Adventure.

Me too!! I would not be surprised if SF installs a few more junior woodies in some of its other parks in the upcoming years.

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Bobcat is being built by TGG, or Gravitycraft, same as Kentucky Flyer. I absolutely adore Kentucky Flyer. It's small, but really fast and more intense than it looks. The restraints are awesome, a single lap bar that swings in from the side. The restraints remind me of Phantom's Revenge. This looks to be a solid addition to Great Escape. I usually don't travel that far north, but if I'm ever in the area, I'll be excited to check it out.

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I rode Wooden Warrior at Quassy a few years ago and it is the real deal. For such a small package, it delivered solid air and great fun. It's not doing any RMC-like crazy maneuvers, but it's still a very good ride. I'm excited to ride this once it debuts as we're up in the Adirondacks at least once a year.

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I have toagree with you ApolloAndy! Wooden Warrior like all other smaller Gravity Group woodies really pack a punch. No dull moments. Very well designed and comfortable.

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