Great Escape 6/11

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Monday, August 13, 2001 6:44 PM
Took a trip up to NY this weekend and hit great escape courtesy of my SFNE season pass. Glad I had that because I don't think this park is worth the admission price. I was really looking forward to riding The Comet but was a little underwhelmed by it. It was a fun ride but nothing special. It seemed awfully slow. Tried front and back on both trains and found the only difference to be the back being a little jerkier. The Nightmare is how shall I say? Just not good. We thankfully went on that first and had a little wait, but saw people waiting for over two hours to ride what is about a 45 second Jumbo Jet in the dark ride. It was really lame. We didn't bother with the the boomerang because I just don't get anything from them and the Screaming Demon had too long a wait for what looked like another disappointment. The Alpine Bobsled was almost as short of a ride as the Nightmare. What were some nice surprises were the flat rides. Their indoor scrambler, the name escapes me was a lot of fun and moved at a really good speed unlike scramblers at many other parks today. The Trabant was a lot of fun too as well as the Ferris wheel. We got a really long ride on that, its small but was in a nice setting. This is a great park for kids with all the little rides they have and the old Story Town settings but there really isn't much for adults. The best ride I had up there was the Waverunner that I rented on Lake George. Skipping over the wake of the Minnie Ha-Ha on it gave the best air time ever. I hope Six Flags does something serious with this park other than put antiquated coasters there. Its in such a beautiful area with a lot of tourists so I am sure they could turn it into a great park for all ages.
Tuesday, August 14, 2001 1:33 AM
I agree with you - the park is not worth the admission unless you have a seasons pass, and the I don't think it's worth a long drive.

I was disappointed with the Comet as well - it was a good ride, but I fail to see how it was previously rated as the world's best woodie.

The rest of the coasters are rubbish, and the park is always full of little kids.

I don't ride flat rides so I can't comment on them, but I did think the park was quite nicely themed and landscaped.

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