Great Escape & La Ronde 8/4 - 8/5

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Our trip took us from PA north to the Great Escape. We stayed in Lake George at the Travelodge,huge mistake, place was terrible especially for what they charged, but it was a Friday night stay and places were few and far between this time of year.

We paid the usual $10 SF parking at the new indoor waterpark lodge, admission to this area is not included in the SF season pass.

SFGE is an older park, 50+ years. As a charming storybook park, there are many older rides and buildings, a good family park for smaller kids.

The Comet was great, this old wooodie over steel was rebuilt here in 1994. It was the fastest ascent on a woodie we've ridden on. 2 trains. Loved it!! We did't buy our $15 picture though. A+

The Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon was a nightmare, 90 minute wait and the line wasn't long, it just never moved. An indoor dark coaster, you rode in bobsled type cars, 2 people only per car and they were running only 3 cars, hence the wait. The only good thing about the ride was that is was smooth. F

Alpine Bobsled, a unique themed ride, fast and fun. Running about 4 cars (8 per car). B+

Canyon Blaster, a rough mine train, not the best. C

Boomerang Coast to Coaster...been there done that, always bad D

Steamin Demon, another Arrow, corkscrew, I'm getting to like these less and less! C

A train ride through the woods, swan boats on the creek, bumper cars, sky ride, nostalgic cars on the turnpike all added to the appeal. The bad overpriced food and non air conditioned restaurants left a bad taste. The dive show was good, although the blue tarps on the stage looked really bad. The saloon show on the other hand looked better than it sounded.

The park had a nostalgic feel, no jumpers, no smokers, no gangs of thugs...wait is this Six Flags?!?!

A smaller waterpark was in full swing on this hot sunny day. The park was clean, with lots of flowers in full bloom.

Recommend the Udder Comedy club, lots of laughs!! Stroll by the water in the Village, lots to do in the area.

Saturday morning we headed north again, with a minimal wait at the border, no id check at all we arrived at the Sandman hotel in LONGUEUIL, across the river from La Ronde. A great hotel, $130 US for an excellent room on the 17th floor overlooking the city. This included 2 full American buffet breakfasts. Located next to the Metro, one stop to the park and a short bus ride to the entrance ($2.50) *buy a return ticket and save time on the trip back.
We neve saw a single police officer anywhere, which was odd for a Metro station.

Our SF passes had to be exchanged for 2 tickets at the info booth, the Fast Lane was only $11 *great deal for the lines.

No security anywhere to be seen, odd for a SF park! We hit the train for a view of the park and the tower ride for an excellent view of the city.

Off to Le Monstre, a double tracked woodie. Running 4 trains total, it was quick. We rode both tracks, it was ok, not anything memorable. B

Hard to miss shiny Goliath, their new $16M (US) addition. About an hour wait, we rode in the front, a steep incline to the 175 foot peak, out and back with some twists. Our favorite steel types, French cousin to Nitro and Apollo. 2 trains. *$5 CAN 4x6 picture!! A+

Le Vampire, another hour wait. Typical B&M invert, although this one seemed faster than any we've ridden. Cool mist near the end, great ride again in the front seat. No picture :( A+

Boomerang, did it for the credit, yawn.

Cobra, the Intamin stand up, again front row.

Dragon, the enclosed ride was closed when we passed it.

Super Manage, another corkscrew, ouch.

The toboggan wild mouse, we rode the Jamican bobsled!

The mine train was not running.

Loved the bumper cars, like a zero turn lawnmower! More flats, more fun.

FOOD was everywhere, all varieties, reasonably priced, beer on every cart for $4 US !
Hard liquor in the Saloon, with AC/DC on the sound system *Margaritas!!!

Not many shows, they had a similar dive show as SFGE. Play area for the kids.

No jumpers, some smokers, no thugs...not SFGAdv !!

We took the 167 bus back to the Metro area, then another 167 bus (no charge) to Casino Montreal for some dinner, the place was packed, the bus runs till 1am, back to the Metro and a short ride to the Hotel.

Overall a great experience, exchange your US funds ahead of time, the park charges 5% extra.
Any leftover CAN $$ you can spend at the new Duty Free shop at the border. Everything is in French, some English signs in the park and the brochure, but outside the park it's all French. Hit the border EARLY, when we went up, there was a 4 hour wait to cross into the USA. We waited 30 minutes Sunday morning, they asked for passports and checked inside our van. Fill your tank in the USA before crossing to save $$$.


Mike - SFA Season Pass holder, cause it's $49.99 ! :)

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Nice TR!

Glad you enjoyed LR/Montreal.

How did Goliath compare against AC/Nitro?


La Ronde 2006!



I think the sheer height and speed of Nitro, make it my favorite. I like the twists they used on Goliath on the return trip. The views on Goliath are better due to it's location next to the water.

I'd say

Nitro, Goliath, Apollo

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