Great Day at the Mountain 7/30(LONG)

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Tuesday, July 31, 2001 12:15 PM
I'll to make this a short TR so I'll tell what coasters we rode and how the lines were and what I thought of them by giving them a grade 1 through 10.
Riddlers Revenge was great 5 minutes for front row. I took some advice from a fellow buzzer and it was sooo fun. He/she said they stuck there hands out forward and had the best time. Riddler deserved a 10
Batman was cool too 5 minute wait for the 7th row. It went by really fast and regarding some unusual headbanging it was great. I'd give it an 8.
Ninja was cheap and me and my friend got a walk on because some people wanted to ride with their friends. When we were about to get on my friend relized someone had peed and the ride ops only gave hime a towel to sit on and they called it a 10-100. I'd give Ninja a 3 do to its slowness.
Viper was really fun and we got a great view of X. The headbanging was a little ruff but it didnt ruin the ride. We had to wait a half an hour for front but it was worth it. Viper deserves a 9.
Goldrusher was ok it wasnt the best of course but me and my three friends were craking up because some kids were freaking out ovver a little mine train ride. Goldrusher was a walkon for us. I would give Goldrusher a 6 just because of the last helix.
S:TE was a 45 minute wait outside and a 5 minute inside. It was really awsome and when we were on top I turned around and got a great view of the park. Superman gets a 9 from me.
The last coaster of the day was Psyclone it was really fun but rough. 10 minute wait for that. I would definitly choose Psyclone over Colluses any day the dropes are a lot more fun and it never slows down.
We werent able to ride Big G, Revolution, or Collusus because we were all tired and decided to do some rerides.
While I was there X finished up and the Motors were gone on Deja Vu. The 4th attraction is done almost. The park IMO was really depressing in ways of how the ride ops never smiled and were really mean. Thanks for reading my TR.
In my personal photo Im the one on the left. *** This post was edited by Xtremerider86 on 7/31/2001. ***

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