Great day at SFMM 8/15/08

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On the 15th of August I visited six flags magic mountain for my first time. On the internet it said that the park opens at 10AM so me and my family get to the park at around 9:45 so that we are there for opening and then at 10:30 they open the gates, half an hour after the park was supposed to open.

When we get into the park we headed straight for X2 because I knew that this ride can build up big lines from other trip reports that I have read. We are about to get in line when my Dad says that he doesn't really wan't to ride so soon after breakfast so we move on up the hill and find the entrance to Tatsu. This is the ride that I had been anticipating the most out of all the rides here so I jump in line with my Dad to find a one train wait for somewhere in the middle of the train. I thought that the restraints were really comfortable as I got in the train. When we were on the ride I thought it was amazing and the best part was definately that huge pretzel loop that has so much positive g forces on it. I ran right back round for another go seeing as the line was only about 5 minutes long and I thought that the que was only going to get longer. Once again the ride was outstanding and is definately in my top 5 coasters.

After this we carried on up and down the path until we came to Deja Vu. I headed into the que to find it a walk on. I sat somewhere near the back and off we went. This was also another great ride but it was pretty annoying that the ride ops were being so slow and not putting any effort in to their jobs.

The next ride was Riddlers Revenge, my first standup coaster. My first impressions of the ride was that it looked huge and this ride definately has that distinctive B&M roar. This ride was also a walk on. I found this ride to be similar to Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa because I liked it but I didn't think that it was the best, but that's just my opinion. I did like the second half of the ride a lot though because of the forceful second half and I was suprised at the legnth of this ride.

When I was walking around this back part of the park it was tottaly dead, there was hardly anybody on the paths and all of the rides were pretty much walk ons for the for the whole day. I did also notice that Tatsu X2 and the rapids ride all had hour ques all day.

Batman was next up and I absolutely loved it this ride is so forceful I couldn't believe it. This ended up being my favourite ride of the day, just ahead of Tatsu.I loved the way that the turns were all so tight and snappy. This ride was a walk on the entire day.

When we were walking to Goliath we were underneath the Superman ride when it launched and this ride has to be the noisiest thing that I have ever heard. When we got to Goliath I was really nervous because I don't like heights. I got in the que with my brother anticipating a pretty long line becaused it is the tallesty ride in the park but it was a walk on. I was really nervous whilst going up the lift hill escpecially when the ride slows down to a near stop at the top of the lift. I thought what the hell and put my hands up down the first drop and the tunnel at the bottom was such a tight hole it felt like the train wasn't going to make it through, I thought the ride was okay but the intense helix at the end made up for the rest of the ride.

Next up was collosus which was okay, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't amazing either. I preferred it to Ghostrider at Knotts Berry Farm.

Scream, the ride with no theme was up next, this was a pretty decent ride but I think that this has the worst setting for any coaster in the world. You can still the painted lines from where cars should be parked. I loved the Zero-G roll on this in the back left seat.

After this I went on Revolution, I think that this would be a great ride if six flags got rid of the OTSR's on this ride. I got a lot of headbanging and didn't enjoy this ride at all. I got off with a headache.

After this I went on Viper which looks really nice with its new paint job, it's a shame that this ride isn't great because this was another rough ride. I don't think that a roller coaster is good if I have to brace myself for every inversion. Atleast it was a walk on so I didn't waste too much time.

Then it was off to X2 and my first que of the day. The wait was an hour which was fine because this was the first ride I had to wait for and their was shade in the que. I sat in the front row on the outside seat and as we reached the top of the lift hill I thought that it was a really stange feeling to flip upside down like that. The ride was good and I think that the music really added to the experience and I was suprised by the fire effect near the end but I also found it to be extremely rough in some parts although i'm sure it's better than it was when it was known as X. I also saw one of the the old X trains sitting to one side of the ride.

Then it was off too Ninja too find what should have been a short que a longer one because of one train operation. I enjoyed this ride a lot and I heard lots of people saying how they were expecting something else after the lift hill at the end of the end.

I then rode tidal wave because I was hot and got soaked.and went to see the Batman stunt show in Gotham City. This show was funny becauswe the guy that was playing Batman kept mucking his part up and did it all wrong. The batmobile at the end was really cool though and it suprised the crowd.

I then rode Batman two times, both walk ons and then we trekked up the hill to ride Superman. It was okay but I was expecting something a little bit better for the size of it This had an absolutely freezing que and was glad to get out of it.

Overall I had a great day at the park and I think that SFMM has some amazing coasters and I would Happily come back. Thanks for reading my trip report.

Great report, glad you had a good time. Btw, the website states that the park opens at 10.30am, so not sure where you read 10am

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Excellent trip report. I would love to take a trip out to SFMM sometime...maybe in a few uncle lives out in Cali, so it's not totally unlikely as some of the parks are...I have heard mixed reports about the cleanliness and service about this park: what did you think? Do they have the locker policy (1 dollar/per locker/per ride)?

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the park was very clean and the staff were mostly friendly but I don't know about lockers as w didn't get any.

Thanks for reading

It's always cool to find a great ride that's practically a walk-on.

Jay Thomas seems to be doing a great job thus far. As little as 2 years ago, these forums were littered with bad reports from that park. I haven't seen one this year, any where. I myself had my best trip there in years this past July. July...the month where so many other times the park was in a shambles. There are still a lot that needs fixing, but Jay and staff deserve credit for what has been done so far. Oh, and the decision to re-market X as X2 was absolute genius, quite a trendsetting move.

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