Great coaster/park history site - 2 page history on Revolution!

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This site is great - the 2 page history of the Magic Mountain Revolution is some of the best stuff I've seen around - and haven't seen anywhere else. I really like the color scheme of the trains in the 80's. Each train had a different color lead car, very cool!


I remember when the trains looked like that. I like the recent paint job which makes one of the trains look very similar to how it did in the 70's too. It looks like it does in the 2nd postcard. Now if they could just do something about those OTSR's.

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I dig the Drachen Fire page. Interesting stuff.

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....."It pulled 12 g's and injured many rider's necks and backs. The coaster only operated a few years....."

12g's?? Holy crap!

SOB and MS dont even come close to 12g's- and yet they still manage to do the same damage! ;)

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Thanks for sharing Demon that's great stuff!

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