I'm going to six flags great america this thrusday and I was wondering if one day is enough time to do the park and the water park. Also what lines have the shortest wait. If you have any other tips i would love to here them too. "thanks in advance"
If you plan on doing the amusement park and water park, you will want 2 days to do it all at a normal pace.

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The shortest waits all day are generally, Iron Wolf, American Eagle and Demon. Unless it's really crowded you should be able to go to these rides mid-day and not have to wait very long.

The rides that have the longest waits that you might want to hit first thing in the morning or last thing at night are Ragin Cajun, V2 and Deja Vu.

Best way to get on all the coasters in one day is to start on the left side of the park and get on Ragin Cajun and V2 right away. Then before closing get in line for Deja Vu 5-10 minutes before the park closes, the line is usually at it's shortest just prior to close.

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