Great America blames girl in Cajun Cliffhanger accident

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[late post] Illinois park Six Flags Great America is going to defend itself in court over an incident where a girl's foot was crushed in a Rotor-type ride. If she would have followed the rules, the park says. this incident would not have happened.

Read the Daily Herald article on Yahoo.

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You literally have to have the bottom of your feet against the wall while the floor is coming up to get your toes crushed. Since you are not supposed to be doing this then the girl was at fault but I still feel the operator needs to watch the actions of riders before lifting the floor. This is the first accident on that ride that I know of and this ride has been at the park since it opened(or withing a few years of opening). To me that is a great safety record.

When I was on the rotor at Geauga Lake I used to put my feet flat against the wall as well. I stopped doing that when I got my shoe wedged between the wall and the floor when it returned. Fortunately, I have unusually wide feet so the front portion of my shoes are empty, or else I would have had my toes crushed too. I haven't tried that since.
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I'm fascinated by the girl's lawyer's statement, that basically people cannot be trusted to obey rules for their safety... I think that the ride operator could have been more proactive in his/her role, but the primary responsibility here is with the rider in question. She made an unwise choice. She should bear the consequences.

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People are not responsible anymore. They do something entirely that was thier own fault and they blame it on some one else.
"Mommy, Joey gave me a cut. I wanna sue!"

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I am a carnival owner and I own a rotor my father owned it befor me in 23 years of operation It has never had ANY complaints of riders feet being stuck between the wall and the floor Our pitcular model the floor drops out after the ride is at full speed then the ride slow lowering rides slowly about 2 feet untill there feel touch the floor and then thatyexit out another door in the lower part of the ride. The only complaints about the ride that we have recived were of terrible wedgies and NONE of those complaints have ever sued us. *** This post was edited by Ringdriver on 4/16/2001. ***

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