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AOL sent me two free tickets to any Six Flags park so I decided to take two of my good friends with me who have never been there before. We arrived at 9:30 and waited under the bridge near Southwest Territory untill 10:00 and decided to hit the bull first since everyone else was racing towards Deju Vu. We rode the 4th train of the day in the front seat. My friends enjoyed the ride, but I felt that it was running really slow and it was not the best ride I have ever had on it.

Next we rode Viper. I am really starting to love that ride. I took someone's advice and rode 1-3, what a great experience. I was getting some unbelievable air yesterday.

At about 10:40 I noticed an employee moving the sign near Deju Vu that said "line now forming," so I convinced my friends that the ride was opening soon and we needed to get in line now or wait 3 hours later. We got in line and the ride opened around 11:00 and we rode the first train of the day. My friends and I had a blast. This is the only ride that I am a little petrified on because I hate hanging looking at the ground on the way up the first tower. I always feel like the restraints are going to give. (Could someone tell me how the restraints work and assure me that they are not going to open no matter how much force is pressing down on them.)

After the Vu we rode Eagle backwards and then took a lunch break. By this time the park was packed. It looked and felt like a Saturday.

After lunch we decided to wait in line for Batman. It was just under an hour and a half wait, which seems very long to me for so such a short (but good) ride.

The heat was very intense all day yesterday. Waiting in line for Batman in the sun really took it out of us. And when you combine that with the frustration of the huge crowd, you might see why we decided to call it a day at 3:00. Driving by the Six Flags sign it said the temp was 98...too hot for a penguin.

V2 was NOT open at all while we were there.

I'm not sure how the restraint works but if it gave out the seatbelt is always hooked to it if it has one. I have never been on one so I don't know.


SFGAm seems like its packed every day now. When I went we called it a day at 3:00 too. Crowds everywhere. They even started using the "other" entrance for Batman.
This is the busiest time of the Summer for SFGAm, its always jammed packed around the end of July and early August.

Deja Vu Count = 23

Been a season pass holder for many years and can confirm that from mid-July to mid-August, you'd think every day was Saturday at SFGAm.

For me, the best part of the Deja Vu experience is the backward freefall to start the trip home. Anyone know of a drop ride that sends you down lying on your back? Someone needs to get on that. I'd ride it all day.

Viper is my second favorite coaster over-all (behind Cornball) of the 30 or so that I've "challenged." But that may change after my first visit to MiA on Monday....

It'll change.

Corny is still on my top 5 though as is Viper

All I need is 4.5 million bucks and a half a mile long sliver of land and maybe someone could build me my very own Shivering Timbers. ;)

Corny is better than anything at MIA! (I know at least 'Moosh will back me up on that one ;) )

Titan Uranus 1976-2001

Deja Vu's restraints would open if enough force was pushed on them. That number, I'm estimating, is close to 1,000 pounds, though, before the restraint would start to give way. Two seatbelts should make you feel comfortable enough, although it kills capacity! ("PLEASE buckle your ORANGE seatbelt BEFORE you pull down your green harness." SFOG)

My two favorite coasters are named Superman.
Nitro, Gemini, Laser, Ice, Thunder...The American Gladiators!

I was at SFGAm that day too. Howver, I got there at 12:00 and stayed the rest of the day. Honestly, I think the crowds only got better as the day went on.

It appeared that many people left around 3:00 due to the heat. However, around 3:45 a nice breeze came in and cooled the park off. by 6:30-7:00 it was a very enjoyable temp the whole rest of the evening (until the rain came in at exactly 10:00)

The longest I waited in line was about 1.5 hours for Deja vu'. Everything else was an hour or less.

Usually restrains lock by compressed air, or by some other way, DEJA Vu's restraints won't open. I think the load is much more than 1000 pounds. On the Gravity Works Skyscraper, they have 3 belts, each can hold 1,500 pounds.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

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