Great America: $15 Million in new capital?

Since this is (trying) to only be about this new money figure, I figured a new topic outside the News section discussion was okay.

This article:

Has a quote from Ceda Fair's Stacy Frole saying that the company put in roughtly $6 million in the park last year and has made plans for another $15 million this year.

That last year/this year wording makes it unclear, but I take that to mean that they have quite some capital set aside for '08 and perhaps a '09 project (funding for which would come at the end of '08).

She gave the quote in reference to the theory that the operator planned or wants to bail on the park.

Reagardless of the truth in that (or not), that's quite a bit of money. A lot more than a relocated Top Spin costs. So what gives?

Unless some crazy general improvements are planned, that sounds like a few new rides or one large ride.
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