Great America- 8/18/01 Eagle re-rides on a Sat.

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Monday, August 20, 2001 10:03 AM
So we decided to make it back to Great America this Saturday with the weather forecast promising perfect weather (rain showers- helps keep some people away). As  expected although busy the rain threat kept the crowds to an average level for the day.  I have to say I have had a slight opinion change on one of Great America's rides (for the better). Here goes:

Raging Bull- We only went once in the afternoon, just so we could get everyone with us who hadn't been there before a chance to prepare for some night rides. Little did we know we would get 3 night rides which is a little above average of what I think we would get on a Saturday. Have always loved this ride although in my opinion still ranks slightly below Maggie and Millie because of its trims on the third hill but still has one heck of a punch. Love the yank of the train on the first hill when sitting in the back and of course the comfortable seating. Was pleasantly surprised to see the ride ops take a page from other parks when they decided around 9 at night to actually get riders pumped up (asking How was your ride? etc.) and the finally turned off the automated voice. Something I haven't ever noticed before and thats with 3 trips to this park already this year. Like the change.

day-8.5/10 night 9/10.:)

 Viper- We pulled off two day rides and two night rides all sitting in the back. Always enjoy watching the Bull from Vipers queue. Also like how our lap bars never quite make it down all the way leaving room for MUCHO airtime and headchoppers. 2nd best coaster in the park at night this ride just takes on even more with not being able to see as much (although it would be even better without the glow of the parking lot)

day-7.5/10 night-8.0/10

Vertical Velocity- Only bad experience of the day. We were greeted at the beginning of the queue by a ride-op who gave us the usual spiel blah blah blah the ride is closed etc. basicaly to summarize "I'm clueless" I understand the need to not promise the time when this ride would be open again, but the GP that were standing behind us were watching as people were still getting on the ride ( there were still people in the queue) and were beginning to get angry when the asked her " Why are people still riding V2 if its shut down?" and given the same spiel again. (it was like she had it memorized and she would look up in the air and begin her reciting (very impersonal) which led to many people losing thier tempers and walking off. I knew that the shutdown was due to the LIM's needing cooling off but for some reason instead of telling the GP who I would think would take any answer you give them and leave much happier she gave them that lame excuse of I don't know whats happening. The ride did open again though and of course it was great.


Batman:The Ride: I'm not a big fan of this ride, but it impressed me this time (and I've ridden this thing at least 15 times). What was different this time was there was no black out or headache afterward. Maybe I'm able to take the intensity now I don't know but it seemed smoother. Although still way too short for me its better.

was-4.5/10 now-6.5/10

The rest:

Iron Croch err. i mean Wolf- Like Joeboxer said in his TR was there even a ride? :) Seriously I tried Jeff's technique and it still didn't make this ride much better and the technique works.  Sorry Iron Wolf fans every time a come anymore its with someone new to the park so I have to ride if I come with some "park veterans" we will stay out of your way so you can get more rides. (be my guest :) )


Shockwave a.k.a Necksnap- Yes this came with the deal we must ride all of them for our newcomers so again Wave fans I had to make your wait longer because we had to ride. Was thinking maybe something had changed after not blacking out after the second loop but then there was the necksnap right before the brake run (right after the third loop) and instead of one more time I was screaming tear it down. :)


Demon-I like this one its got a nice first drop with air and its enough excitement to make it a nice little coaster.


American Eagle- Got a re-ride, for some reason people were not coming over to the red side and were jamming the blue station. We get back to the station and the ride op is like stay in your seats and we went again. How great is that! The Eagle is classic and the red side in my opinion is better than the blue it just seems to jump the track right before making it up the hill toward the helix (love that part) Good ride as always just needs to get ride of those brakes before the "pine tree helix" .


Didn't ride Whizzer because of the line it had (Whizeer is popular people the aren't going to tear it down) although love the ride when I get a chance to get on it.

All and all a good day at Great America-7.0/10


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