Great America - Sunday September 1


Arrived at the Park at 12pm, processed, and in Water Park by 12.30 until 5pm, crowds small - cool day. LAZY RIVER - chilly water .. brrrr!

5pm - Time to RIDE!!

VIPER BACKWARDS - as always Viper delivers

RAGING BULL - 2 rides in the back row was NICE!!

DEMON - hate over shoulder restraint, rides on my AC joints, so Demon hurts me on cork screws!!

X-FLIGHT - my GFs favorite ride, I always ride the left side-outside seat for nice rollover!!

EAGLE BLUE BACKWARDS - not as good as Viper but a fun ride!

Dinner - Storm takes over - End of Day

For another Home park Visit is always good, Meal Plan Passes have made eating at the park to almost $3 a meal with 2 more months to go, that will drop even more. Normal Meals at about $12 a meal.

Love IT Live IT Die for IT!!

The dining pass IMO is a great deal if you visit often. The negative perception is paying out that kind of money up front, but if people can get by that thinking, it really is a win for the consumer.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.


We have 4 season passes, and two meal passes, 1 pass with parking, every other weekend, my GF doesn't have her 2 kids, so its 2 meals for us, on the weekends when she has the kids we share the meals, or sometimes will buy just one extra meal, we will go to the park just to eat sometimes, but that can lead to riding rollercoasters!! .. lol

Love IT Live IT Die for IT!!

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