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Thursday, June 14, 2001 11:24 AM
I returned home from San Francisco to see my friends and fam and ofcourse to go to Great Adventure. For the whole week it was raining in the Northeast and the temperature was unseasonably cold. Me and my buddies still decided to go because we planned it for so long. Anyway, by the time we pulled in to Jackson the sun came out....(our rain dance worked) I had my camera ready to take the first pic of Nitro. I like how the park is set up. It is surrounded by a large forest and the wham, you are hit by GASM. I could see Nitro in the distance and it was nothing short of euphoric. My friends and I paid extra just so we could park nearby. And we entered the park in less than five minutes. The park was semi empty, which was diconcerting at first, we were never used to the park like this. Ofcourse we hit Nitro first, and my frineds loved was their first hypercoaster ever. The people on our train were so rowdy...bu they were fun though. We all raced back to get another ride. The wait was about 10 mins. the next ride was Batman, since it was right there. That ride was bookin' (Copyrighted word from 2Hostyl) in the back. Then we went on Medusa, did that 5 times, Then GASM, bout 4 times, then we ate in the boardwalk. That place was slammin!! I loved the renovations. We went on other rides like freefall (still a classic), rolling thunder, Skull mountain, runaway train, Autobahn, and some other ones I can't remember. We saved the chiller for last since it wasn't a walk on. We didn't feel like waiting over 10 mins. We rode Evolution for the first time. I still have dreams about that ride. It was too chilly to ride Congo :( that was our park ritual) All in all it was the most fun we ever had at Great Adventure. Still my favorite Park!!!!
Thursday, June 14, 2001 11:41 AM

Antuan said:
"That ride was bookin' (Copyrighted word from 2Hostyl) "

Thanks for thinking of me and I'm glad you had a good time. However, I'm going to have to demure from the copyright and defer to Soggy. That's *his* phrase for Ghostrider.

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