Great Adventure Hot Hot Hot 10/8/07

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Arrived about 1045am, and headed through the safari. Saw many animals this time, even though it was approaching 80'F.

Baby buffalo, car-stopping giraffes, and the usual animals. Baboons were out, but not about.

Parked, and headed in. Good themeing, same as usual. Walked to Nitro. 2 trains on, supervisors working ride. 3 train wait. 9/10. Skull Mountain. 1 train wait. 7/10. Walked through Wiggles World. Much better looking than April. Its a happy place.

20 minute wait for Medusa. 9/10. That ride needs a bit more tlc. Saw these giant turtles by Kingda Ka. Simple things like this are what makes a park have spirit. GASM. I love it. 8/10. Rough enough to dislodge the battery on my digital camera. Walk on.

Did the Dolphin Show. It was the training show. Not bad. 6/10. It was actually good to sit in the shade. Houdini's House, 15 min wait, and Superstition, 15 min wait. 20 min for Parachute Drop.

After this catering shing-dig, 2 train wait for Rolling Thunder. This ride should be operated as a racer, or put out of its misery, steel wheels and all. 6/10.

Overall, park was clean, about 30,000 less people than last season, and lunch at Johnny Rockets was 'good times'. The park is much better, but not busier. The Chiller leaving? It was a tough guy ride. No indoor coaster can replace it. RIP Chiller. 8/10.

Great way to put CHILLER.
We were there on Sunday and had a VERY good park experience, although it was crowded. El Toro was sick and every crew except for Rolling Thunder and Batman were really fast! What was the worst coaster in the park? Kingda Ka! I thought I was going 128mph in a shopping cart!


^^rode the wrong Ka trains? whoops!

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