Great Adventure Fright Fest! 10/14/02 Finally!

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Today I finally got the chance to go to Great Adventure during Fright Fest. At about 12pm my brother said, “Chris we’re going to Great Adventure!” So of course I jump out of my bed, yes I was sleeping, and got dressed for 50°F weather. First…Superman’s construction site looks great. There wasn’t any work going on until the end of the day but there were some pieces of black stuff in the space (It wasn’t track). I’ll have pictures of it tomorrow cause my friend has to up load it.

We got to the park at 2pm and went through the new Season pass entrance. I think it’s nifty but the area around it needs some work. Also as you walk toward it, there’s a great view of the Scream Machine and Rolling Thunder.

The first ride was Medusa, which had a 45min wait! I was expecting 10-20mins but it was 45min! Not only that…it had some technical difficulties and ended up switching trains. Medusa was cold of course but still fun. I was amazed to see the monkeys were still out in the safari due too the weather.

After Medusa, the next ride was Nitro with was a 30min wait. The wait went fast and we grabbed back row. Nice ride as usual but frostier than Medusa. I check everywhere in the back of Nitro for track but there was nothing. I noticed the Batman Chiller stalled between the spike and Zero-G; Robin wasn’t running either.

After Nitro we went on Batman, which was great. I gained a lot of lost respect for batman since I got in the back seat. The force I felt was terrific and the noise was louder.

After Batman we went on the Haunted Hay ride. Because the employees told us, “None of the actors during this ride will harm you so please stay in the vehicle at all times.”, the ride was ruined from the get go. I’m very sure some loser family complained about the realistic ness of the ride, so Great Adventure had to tune it down.

During the ride, I was spooked a couple times making me give it a B-. I loved the behind the scenes of Batman and Nitro cause I got great pictures!

The last ride was Scream Machine. The Scream Machine was unusually good today maybe because I was in the front seat. There were 6 people on our train in total, which was not a good sight. I got a great view of the Superman sight from the brake run. The sight is huge as hell! Since the brake bring the train to a max speed of 0.06mph, I mapped out where I think Superman could go and I think the Pretzel loop will be right on the edge closet to the season pass lot.

I thought the park closed at 8pm, which was what was posted at, but the park closed at 6pm. We happened to get the last ride on GASM, which was nice, but a little disappointing cause I enjoyed it for once.

In the end I enjoyed my trip and I hope you did too. I’ll try to post the pictures for tomorrow if I get them for my friend. But then again I get RCT2 tomorrow so ……ere….yeah. OCTOBER 23! SUPERMAN


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When I wrote this is M.Word it had paragraphs so i'll fix that tomorrow too...

Explains why i'm up at 4am in the morning. Too scaried to sleep!

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