Great Adventure ceramic plate.

I came across a ceramic plate, from Great Adventure, that was found amongst several things(From my grandmothers house, who passed away last Monday :() that we put up for sale at a local grage sale this past weekend. It has to relatively old (30+ years) as it has no SF markings on it at all.

It shows drawings of the Conestoga Wagon, Safari Wild(Thisa is how it is spelled on the plate), Log Flume, Big Wheel, and Carousel. It's in perfect condition, absolutely no scratches, or chips in the ceramic

My grandmother was never one for amusement parks, so more than likely my parents bought it as a gift for her. The only time that I can remember going to Great Adventure, as a family, was waaay back in '78, when Rolling Thunder was new, so it has to be at least 30 years old, as I oringinally stated.

I'm just wonering if anyone around here has ever seen this plate, or might actually have one of their own?

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